How to Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts and Claim Your Feminine Power

I had an incredibly deep and moving session with a client this past week that really opened up “shadow work” and the “dark-side” for me.

I’ve heard myself saying a lot lately that “I’m of the light, pay attention to the light and am not that interested in the darkness.” Don’t get me wrong, I love shadow work and realize we have to embrace both to be whole. My work is about bringing what’s hidden to the light.

However, I had separated “darkness” and “shadow” somehow in my mind. Shadow is something we all have, and I’m interested in diving into that, but dark energy, I’m not into that.

In the reading, I was taken to a dark cave where I met her guide, the Dark Mother. This woman was a dark angel, black wings, black hair, dark eyes, deep purple gown, and the brightest laugh and smile I’ve ever seen.

In my communion with this vision + guide, for the first time in my life, I deeply realized the darkness of mother earth- the vastness of the caves and caverns and deep oceans that make up much of this earth. I saw them- twisting mazes of infinite darkness…

I realized that we mostly only see the surface of the earth, yet the vast majority of it is underground, deep down, not visible. The most potent powers of Pachamama are deep, hidden and HOT!

So too, sometimes, are our spiritual gifts, our magic, our dis-owned parts. Deep down. Below the surface. In dark caves. Hidden.

Part of stepping into our power as women, and owning our Christian spiritual gifts, and embodying our spiritual abilities, is excavating this darkness. And, it’s not scary. Not like demon, fire-breathing dragon scary, though it seems that way to the mind, but more like mysterious. Dark. Deep. We’re not always sure what’s down there…

However, owning this darkness, which means actually being willing to traverse its depths, it’s as vital as all the light we see.

This readee was asking, “How can I step further into my path, my purpose?” And the message was clear- I saw an emerald gem in the shape of a heart being held by this dark mother, in the center of a fire in the cave.

I said:

“You must stand in the fire. You must be willing to get burned.

If you really want the gifts at the heart of your potential, you can’t skirt around this fire, you can’t stay on the edges, warming yourself at a safe distance, and truly embody the power that you are…and all the gifts that come with it…

You have to go to the heart of it, right into what you’re afraid of, all those seemingly dark things you don’t want to talk about, and you have to talk about them and and be willing for it to get HOT!

When I checked in with her and asked her how her body was feeling, she said that she had a lump in her throat. I asked her to go into it and tell me what it was.

She said, “I realize I have to tell my family who I really am and my spiritual gifts and what I’m going to do.”

And I knew…

“No you don’t. That’s at the heart of this. The reason its hot and it burns is because as you step away from your tribal until and your family and all the out-dated agreements, they may not like it. They may protest. They may tell you “you’re wrong” or “you’re changing” and they won’t mean it in a good way.

But embodying your power and stepping into your spiritual self, while shedding your tribal self, is NOT about having to get permission.

You don’t have to declare what you’re going to do.

Because…”Can they hear it? Can they hear you when you talk this way?”

She laughed.

I said, when we clear energy and we get inspired by what we’re stepping into, sometimes we think we should tell our moms. Or our sisters. Or our dad’s.

We want to make a BIG declaration, put our stake int he ground. And this just ends up being disappointing. We don’t feel seen, validated or heard, and the same old wound from childhood gets activated.

She really got this. The energy in her throat disappeared. She said she felt so much lightness and tingling around her heart.

When we decide to be ourselves, be authentic, and choose powerfully our own paths, not based on conforming and fitting in to what has made our families and tribe happy in the past, we will have to stand in the fire.

Changing, being a light worker, being psychic, coming out of the spiritual closet, being woo-woo, or weird, believing in strange things, all of this can make us targets of ridicule.

However, the only way to be in the center of our TRUTH and our HEART is to be radically ourselves!

Radically real, radically willing to say what we’ve not wanted to say, do what we’ve not wanted to do, step into the FEAR– at the heart of the fire, and burn up!

Transforming and transmuting, all that has been, into the rising phoenix of a new dawn, having owned all the darkness we’ve feared, all the darkness we’ve tried to avoid, all the aspects of ourselves we’ve cast out…

And we bring it ALL home, integrated, darkness, into the light, one and the same, two sides of a whole + we heal others by BEING THE BURNED UP BEACON, the one, willing, to take the heat- as a bounty hunter FOR the light!

May you embrace, love, excavate and heal all cast out aspects of YOU and love yourself HOLY!


Rachel Claire

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Rachel Claire

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  1. I absolutely love this article. Right before I read this article I made a post about being more spiritual and then realized I am putting it out there for validation and validation should not be the foundation of my new journey. Thank you for your openness

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