Who Else Wants to Work Less and Earn More?

Who else wants to work less and earn more?

Do you want to work less and earn MORE?

Do you have a healing, intuitive, or spiritual gift with which to make a difference in people’s lives?

Are you still stuck with how to put yourself out there or get started, or get visible?

Do you think that if you just create a website, come up with a fun name + maybe have a nice logo that you’ll receive clients?

And are you finding that what you’re doing isn’t actually working?

Are you spinning your wheels, piecemealing things together, spreading yourself thin, with no real system in place- so it’s just chaos on repeat?

The truth is, this is a FATAL flaw for many new business owners.

We have a huge heart, we have an awesome talent, and yet we seemingly have NO way of getting noticed or getting ourselves launched in our biz, right?

So then, it becomes more of a hobby, an expensive past-time, and now we’re spread thin because we’re working a day job, being a mom, cleaning house, doing laundry, wiping runny noses + we say, oh well, maybe tomorrow

Hustling during evening hours won’t often work (There’s dishes to do! We’re tired!) So, how do we grow our biz as a side hustle if we’re a mama or a busy woman?

This leaves us bummed out, frustrated, feeling like we’re always last, wondering if we’ll ever catch-up, let alone “get ahead.”

The bills pile up, the days pass by and we’re still trading hours for dollars, sorta growing a biz, but mostly just treading water- all while we KNOW we’re sitting on a HUGE gift that could bring in way MORE MONEY than this job.

The solution is to find a business model that works for us, something we can set up and then let do the work FOR US.

In a couple of days a week of work, it’s possible to create a lead generation machine.

I’m here to say that we’re lucky as can be to be spiritual healers in the age of the internet + Facebook!

Not having systems in your business, not having the RIGHT biz model, that’s systematic + automatic, keeps you chained to a desk not making enough money, or keeps you never making enough in your spiritual biz to actually quit your day job.

Imagine what your life would be like if you woke up and your calendar was booked out with clients ready to talk to you?

Imagine if you were getting on the phone with amazing, talented people all over the world who wanted exactly what you offer?

Imagine that you’re running an online coaching program and people are paying you high-ticket to work with you, so your bank account is growing and you’re actually working LESS than before?

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Imagine that you’re LIVING your PURPOSE and your PASSION and you feel in alignment, heart + soul!

What would that  make possible? 

Imagine that all your work produces results- real results, and you can finally say to your hunny, or your boss, it’s time for me to quit!

This isn’t a pipe-dreamI’m not hear to sell you a fantasy. I’m here to show you exactly how I went from new baby, no money, no job and no partner, to growing my business, attracting ideal clients, and earning more than ever before!

If you’re READY and you’re sitting on a HUGE spiritual gift and it’s time to truly GROW your biz + step into your power, then let’s talk!

I’ve got time open in my calendar in the coming week + we can hop on the phone, totally FREE.

I’ll help you get clarity around your IDEAL vision for your life + biz, and how you can attract more ideal clients + grow your spiritual biz online. I’ll also share how you should package yourself + what you should charge!


All my love
Rachel Claire

P.S. Let’s talk! If you’re a spiritual healer, coach, reader, consultant, or energy worker, you have HUGE gifts, don’t let them go to waste!

Claim your free strategy session here: https://theboulderpsychic.com/YES!

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