Why You Don’t Know You’re Psychic Yet

Did you grow up in a home where your family saw your beautiful, innocent, bright light + validated that for you, by saying…

“Oh, you’re so aware, you’re so beautiful and awake and full of wisdom?”

When something was wrong, or you felt scared, or you cried, did the people closest to you stop what they were doing, pay attention to you and inquire about why you felt that way, what was going on, and then they listened deeply for your answers?

Did your caregivers teach you about the unseen world from an early age, speaking of spirit, or God, as a loving presence?

Were you taught about fairies, guides, and angels from the time you could talk?

Most of the people I talk with had very different experiences. They were not validated in their awareness or gifts. Their openness was not celebrated, or even acknowledged.

Often, if they were upset, or scared, people told them to “not worry” or “not cry” or assured them that “nothing was the matter.”

Furthermore, most of us grew up in families where the lineages include tones of subtle or not so subtle messages from religion about what’s okay and what’s the devil’s work.

If you came from ancestors who were catholic, you likely have energy in your family that is very religious, but doesn’t allow space for you, especially as a woman, to have direct access or to “know things.” This would be, as many interpret from the bible, a sin.

We grow up with mixed messages about how we should be.

On the one hand, our families express a desire for us to be who we are, to be successful, and on the other, we receive messages about not stepping too much into the light, being too loud, too noticeable, or too different.

So, our spiritual abilities likely were not validated when we were young. We grew up doubting ourselves and not feeling safe to explore our awareness.

It’s often not until we’re much older, and have separated a bit from our family contracts, that we afford the space to explore our natural sensitivities, which inevitably end up including mystical experiences, healing and the intuitive arts.

Healing is all about this process, the validation of who and what we really are (infinite spirit) and acknowledging that, claiming that, and exploring what possibilities are available to us, if we choose to honor ourselves as such.

Healing is simple.

It’s a return to wholeness. It’s about NOT staying in the closet, repressing our gifts, denying our knowing and pretending we’re someone we’re not.

So, whether or not it “seems” that you have anything to heal on the surface…we all have programming + past patterns we’ve picked up that get stored in our subconscious and our energetic boundaries, that keep us stuck, playing small, and not creating the lives we desire.

Therefore, when I’m talking about healing, I’m inviting women into a deep conversation where it’s safe to open up to who we are, own what we see, know, hear and sense and practice living alive, and awake with these tools, seeing them as the gifts they are, vs. the thoughts that we should keep them hidden, as if our own, deep, intuitive, feminine nature could ever be wrong.

Unfortunately, most of us haven’t learned to use energy healing tools to help us heal, we don’t know how to tap into the earth + cosmic energy, consciously, and use it to heal ourselves.

It’s as simple as intention.

Once we choose to go within, to turn our attention and intention towards the energy that we are, then we become aware of all our extrasensory perceptions. Yet, we must fight the energies of resistance that pull us to keep our focus “out there.” (Home is IN).

Being psychic is what we all are, but it’s a revolutionary act to claim such a thing. 

If you’re interested in joining in on a healing journey, check out my How to Heal Yourself program:


To your healing, wholeness + reclamation of all that you are!


Rachel Claire


  1. Thank you. This topic just got my attention due to the way I was brought up. Catholic beliefs, the Bible which I truly honor and believe as God’s word. I have always had a sixth sense but not sure of validation all the time. I had a known sychic tell me that I was one also! Really made me stop in my tracks and ponder his remark. I knew He was right at that moment but still you know? Anyway….

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