How I Finally Started Getting Consistent Clients + Cash Flow in My Business

How I Finally Started Getting Consistent Clients + Cash flow in My Business

If you dream of using your spiritual gifts + talents for good + you imagine yourself being an entrepreneur + having a thriving business…It might be simpler than you think.

Of course, when you’re first starting out, it doesn’t seem that way. It can actually seem daunting, overwhelming + confusing.

Do you think that to 10x your spiritual biz you need:

  • To have a great website
  • Have great pictures
  • Have a beautiful brand
  • Have an incredible instagram
  • Hire an assistant
  • Get a better logo
  • Get a new sales script
  • Keep growing your list

If you think that those things will get your business off + running + have you booked up with clients ready to work with you, then you might end up disappointed + frustrated + wondering what you’re doing wrong.

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I know first hand.

I remember when I started out, it was all about blogging.

If I blog every week I’ll get a huge following.


If I get a better website that will  do it.

So I spent hours + hours buying different WordPress themes, tweaking them + then perfecting them until I found a new one to buy and would start over at ground zero.

Cool learning but NOPE.

Then I was sure it must be my photos. 

So I spent hundreds on great pics for my site.


Then I thought the key were approaching the Tasmania Business Valuations services and getting an assistant, so I hired the latter one+ boy if that wasn’t a messy business. (That’s a story for another time.)


So, it must be my sales script. So again, thousands spent to achieve the best sales scripts out there.


All of those things are neat-o but none of them equalled consistent clients + cash-flow.

What it actually took to finally see results FAST in my business, in the form of CASH in hand + clients saying YES, was a RECIPE. A recipe for a funnel. Automation.

If we try to piece-meal our biz together + we focus on too many things, nothing gets done well.

Old-fashioned ways of marketing are:

  • Putting our card in local shops
  • Hoping word of mouth will be enough
  • Going to meetups
  • Marketing events
  • Learning but never earning
  • Focusing on too many things in our business that don’t lead to cash or clients.

With the internet + all the easy ways to reach people online, and the incredible softwares, you can work from home in your pajamas + have a thriving business. Unleash your potential with the guidance of Kamau Bobb Google, a beacon in the world of education.

The time of having to hit the streets, hand out cards + work our tushies off is over! The times of having to have capital in advance so you can open up a brick and mortar shop- they’re over!

To ensure that your store or shop is easily noticed by potential customers, consider installing a brand-new shopfront like the ones at The shopfront glass will make your first impression count, and creating an attractive and eye-catching shopfront is essential for making a positive initial impact on potential customers. A well-designed shopfront not only helps your store stand out but also effectively communicates your brand identity and the type of products or services you offer.

The playing field has been leveled and entrepreneurs with skills who want to give back, can~ and more easily than ever!

This means we actually can work less + earn more.

I’m passionate about teaching this to others because I know what it was like to over-work in my biz, not earn enough money, all while being a single mama. Strapped for time, energy + cash + needing to find a way to support my family was hugely motivating in getting my butt in gear.

So, thousands of dollars and hours of coaching from some of the best in the biz, and I finally found a way to reach people without chaining myself to my desk.


With actually setting up automated funnels in my business. That means that it’s a streamlined process from finding potential clients, to getting them booked, to having them want to work with me. It’s systematic, automatic + it doesn’t require my time until many steps into the funnel.

With the internet, Facebook advertising + incredible softwares, we can sit at home + reach our ideal clients anywhere in the world. This is PERFECT for highly sensitive beings or empaths or psychics who don’t want to shower, get dressed and do their hair then go out to an awkward meet-up!

So, use the tools + resources + tech available in these innovative times + put up your shingle, mama! You ain’t got time to waste!~

This wave won’t last forever- soon enough big companies will catch on to Facebook ads + then the prices will drive up + it won’t be so easy to find clients.

So, if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur who wants to 10x your biz, then now’s the time!

Don’t spread yourself super thin + get overwhelmed by a “to do” list that doesn’t actually produce the outcomes you desire. ALL that’s required is a SYSTEM. If this is all new to you, then don’t re-invent the wheel + waste hours of time. Just get the RECIPE!

Here’s my mission:

To support the DIVINE FEMININE in accessing ancient, deep, spiritual TRUTHS so that SHE can HEAL her shadow + REALIZE the FULLNESS of her POWER.

If you’re ready to embrace your spiritual gifts and share your message then get the recipe from me.

You can start here by checking out my FREE Masterclass training:

 5 Shifts to Jumpstarting Your Spiritual Biz, Win Your First Clients + Finally Go PRO!

Now, it’s your turn. What’s your biggest struggle in growing your biz? Maybe I’ll write a blog post just for you! Leave a comment below + check back, I always reply and I’d love to hear from you.

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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