70% of People Hate their Job. Are You One of Them? (And 5 Simple Steps to Change That)

A recent Gallup survey of Americans finds nearly 75% of us “hate” our job. Not dislike, actually, “hate.”

The reasons for this are many, and easy to understand. The Education system in this country, and the workforce, are out-dated.

Universities + Colleges will cost us thousands upon thousands + graduate us into a lifetime of high monthly payments + debt hanging over our heads. If you struggling to manage your debts and are facing wage garnishment, you may contact lawyers to defend against wage garnishment and protect your assets.

The worst part? 75% of us aren’t using what we studied in our jobs.

Add to that the jobs these days are often not fulfilling- which is to be expected because we’re often performing tasks that could be done by a machine or a computer, in an environment the robs us of the natural elements, and therefore our health. In such circumstances, if you face unjust termination, it’s crucial to find a representing employees after unwarranted job loss who can guide you through the legal implications and seek justice for any unfair treatment.

Add to that menial pay + subpar health insurance + why would we be happy?

I see that in the future more + more of us will be venturing out on our own to be entrepreneurs. Though this path is scary + risky, it’s highly rewarding because you’re living a life of your own design, spending your days as you see fit + working on whatever is exciting for you! (For the most part.)

If you’re a spiritual healer or lightworker, then for sure it’s time to step out into the light of day + begin taking action towards creating your business online.

Before I share with you my 5 simple steps for getting started with your business online, let’s take a moment to explore why you’re not. (In my humble opinion.)


5 Reasons You’re Not Starting Your Spiritual Business

  1. You have fear in your subconscious + superconscious because you remember what happened the last time you stepped out into the light of day. (Hint: it has to do with stakes.)
  2. You’re programmed by the culture to believe that your source is your paycheck.
  3. You’re afraid to take that first step, which is just admitting that you want to make a big change. (To yourself first, then others.)

We could go on and on, but really, it all boils down to that you’re afraid + you have old programming. Luckily, both of those things can be dealt with.

To change your energy + thus your whole life, make sure you’ve checked out the Guided Meditation I share in my Women’s Intuition Toolbox.


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5 Simple Steps for Getting Started with Your Business Online

  1. Just start building your website.
  2. Start getting visible online.
  3. Offer up Free Discovery Calls
  4. Create a Signature Program
  5. Make offers to everyone!


Start Building a Website

My website started as a blog. First I had an old blog on blogspot. Then, I quit writing for years. When I began to hear the call, I started up writing again + moved my blog to wordpress.

Finally, I created this blog on wordpress.com which I highly recommend. You can easily build a site + add all kinds of features with plugins. I also think Squarespace creates beautiful sites, quite easily.

The point is, you have to start somewhere, and in this day + age, if you want a business, you better get started building a website- and if you like to write at all, a blog is the way to go!

Get Visible on Line

It’s time to start making videos, going Live, creating a FB group, and making sure you have a profile on the most popular social media sites. (Instagram, Facebook + Pinterest) are my favorite. Pinterest refers more traffic to my site than anything/anywhere else!

Just start putting yourself out there. Nobody really wants to. We all get “imposter syndrome” where we wonder…”Who am I?”

You know who you are? An extension of God. Source Energy. Love. You get to play, too!

So, get over your visibility blocks, and start sharing more of yourself with the world because there are people out there who can only hear what they need to hear from you!


Offer Free Discovery Sessions

One of the best ways to find out what your target market is struggling with and whether or not you can help, is to talk to them.

All you need to offer up a free call is a place to meet. Zoom? Iphone?

Then, you need to have somewhat of an idea how to listen to them, ask questions, be present + share what you see that’s missing that could make a difference- and if you think you can help them- make an offer.

Create a Signature Program

If you’re a creative woman (aren’t we all?) then this can be super fun! Think of a problem people have that you could solve. Write out the first 5 things you would tell a friend to do to turn this situation around right now.

There you have your first 5 steps of your signature program. You already have enough wisdom. Likely, you were born ready. You don’t need another degree, or to waste more money + more time at a college.

You’re ready now. Think of all the education you have, all the trainings you’ve taken, all the online courses, anything you’ve done that’s prepared you. You’re ENOUGH. RIGHT NOW.

Think of a fun name for your program that describes a benefit.

Make Offers to Everyone!

Just start sharing yourself, telling stories, giving tips, talking about your new program + make offers for people to hop on a call with you!

Save yourself some scheduling trouble + just sign up for an automated calendar system. I use Scheduleonce. I used to use Acuity. They’re both great.

Invite people to talk with you. You’ll grow so fat, get so much information, make great connections + soon enough, you’ll be making sales! Comparing the user interface and ease of use of different card payment providers is also essential to offer the best payment process and increase customer satisfaction.

That’s It!

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to start a business. If you have any desire at all to create more money + more freedom, or if you’re one of the people who hates their job, then you owe it to yourself to INVEST in your future. There’s no time like the present!

If you’d like support, or you have questions about how to do this + you’d like a roadmap- hop on a free call with me!

Here’s your link: https://theboulderpsychic.com/book/

So much love,


Rachel Claire


P.S. If you’re a spiritual lightworker here to make a change, let’s chat. Click here: https://theboulderpsychic.com/book/

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