Want to Create a Course?

Hi love!

I talk to so many people who *really* want to create a course online. 

And ya know what? They put it off because they don’t know how, or where to start, or what to include…yadda yadda yadda…

Here’s what I want to share with you today…

If you really want to create a course online, I suggest you just pick a platform that is easy for you to use! 

I LOVE building courses on Teachable, and it’s how I’ve grown and scaled my biz overtime. 

I chose Teachable because it’s intuitive + easy + FREE!

So, yes, you read that right…I don’t think many people know that you can actually get started TODAY with creating your online school for FREE!

I’m not promoting anyone, I’m not an affiliate, I just honestly LOVE Teachable and if you’re struggling to get your ideas into form, then this may be a great way to start. 

Even though I have a Master’s Degree in Education + I spent over 10 years teaching- I don’t sit around and plan out my courses like I would a lesson plan! I don’t think of objectives + outline + then execute…

I just start sharing what I love, and what I do! I start by making videos + fun pieces of content. 

Then, over time, I can make changes, revise + ensure that I’ve created a product that helps get my ideal clients to their desired place! 

So, my advice to you is: 

1. Start before you’re ready

2. . Brainstorm what you’d love to make a course about!​

3. Find a platform that you enjoy using

4. Practice making videos + pieces of content

5. Research your idea + validate it! Check out what others are doing to get inspired!

There’s a saying in the entrepreneurial world called, “Ready, fire, aim!”

This means that you don’t wait until your aim is perfect before you fire! You FIRE first + then course-correct!

So many people I talk to are just frozen in fear because they don’t know what to do or where to start, so they do nothing!

Go back to kindergarten + just start playing around, doing things that are FUN! 

You’ll strike upon it!

All my love, 


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