41 Lessons Learned in 41 Trips around The Sun

I recently celebrated my 41st birthday, and it has been a tradition the last couple of years for me to blog about what I think I’ve learned during my time here on this planet. This list is just a short brain-storm of what I think are my top 41 things we must do! Enjoy!

  1. Your wealth is inside your mind. Whatever you think in your subconscious will manifest outwardly, so if you don’t like it out there, pay no attention to it + get to work on your mind.
  2. Essential oils are essential to maintain health, a clean household + upliftment.
  3. Over 40, I can’t eat bread every day + expect to keep my youthful waist line. 🙁
  4. When in doubt, get out.
  5. There’s not much that water, sunshine + a good nap can’t cure.
  6. If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.
  7. Most of our issues are boundary issues. Learning to say no, early + often, is important to being a healthy woman.
  8. Good friends are food for the soul + remind you of who you really are when others are feeding you shit sandwiches. Don’t be too busy for your friends!
  9. Google Drive is amazing + I love using it to run my life + biz.
  10. Podcasts are my happy place while driving in the car.
  11. If I don’t exercise, I’m not that happy.
  12. I “should” mostly be eating vegetables. I like carbs.
  13. Apple Cider Vinegar daily is a must!
  14. Sleep matters more than anything else. If I don’t get enough, I’ll think, do and say things I would NEVER otherwise think, do or say.
  15. Done is better than perfect.
  16. Self love is a lot about trusting yourself, and paying attention to your intuition.
  17. Buy veggies at the Farmer’s Market
  18. Use a diffuser in your home. (or 3.)
  19. A blanket on the earth, under a tree, is my happy place.
  20. Take your vitamins.
  21. Drink lots of water.
  22. Write.
  23. If you’re thinking it over + over, that’s your guidance.
  24. Bring along a notebook + write down those thoughts- they’re messages from your angels + they disappear.
  25. You can use pressure washer to keep your car clean and if ever your pressure washer gets broken, you can contact a reliable technician like the ones at Appliance Hunter!
  26. You may want invest in a car shade for window.
  27. Don’t loan people money. Just give it away + expect to not see it again.
  28. Ask for what you want, otherwise, you can’t get it.
  29. Consistency over time = success
  30. If it even crosses my radar, do it. Right then. It’s my future self whispering back to me!
  31. Less is more.
  32. I probably don’t need that thing I’m about to buy.
  33. Empty space in the home gives peace to the mind.
  34. Hang crystals- make rainbows.
  35. Anger exists. We all have it. It’s human. It’s not bad, or ugly or wrong- it just is.
  36. Anger is actually quite beautiful- a sign showing us where our boundaries have been crossed.
  37. Befriend anger.
  38. Everything is always working out for you
  39. Fast.
  40. 15 minutes of meditation will do more for you than most anything else! It’s the key to getting in the receiving mode + getting into your Vortex!
  41. Abraham Hicks on repeat is a powerful way to program the subconscious.
  42. Yoga. Stretch. Breathe. Keep your spine supple + healthy!

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