Spiders on Strings, Tricky Little Things

Two days in a row I almost walked right in to a spider coming down on a strand of its silk.  The first time, the spider was huge and a friend saw it and grabbed me and pulled me back right before I walked directly into it.  I breathed a deep sigh of relief when I saw what he had saved me from, imagining the chilled feeling of a spider crawling on my skin, in my clothes, or in my hair. yuck!

The very next morning, I opened my front door to leave and there, before my very eyes was  another spider, much more petite in size this time, directly in front of my face.  I tried to wedge myself around it but the air from my movements pulled it toward me.  I backed away and glanced at the clock, feeling impatient as I was already late for work.  In my pause, I remembered to not rush and for a moment I was present with the spider and acknowledged the gift is was from spirit.  Spider, in Native American lore, was the first one to record the written word, forming a letter in its web.  A lover of writing, and as one who dreams of doing it more every day, I paused to receive the message that spider brings, write!  Viola!  I wrote!  Thank you spider.  Will you please stay off my body?  Thanks.  I love to honor you from a distance.

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