The Teachings of Abraham

The Teachings of AbrahamI ordered “The Master Course Audio” an 11 CD set from Esther and Jerry Hicks who channel the teachings of Abraham.

I have listened to many of their teachings online and have a few of their books.  As I am commuting to work this gorgeous spring, I am accompanied by these teachings.

In the past, I listened to NPR on my way to work and would be sad, angry, frustrated, or just plain old fired up!  I would come to my 5th grade classroom and report to the 10 and 11 year old young people about some problem here or there in the world and how we can connect to that, or have empathy, or do something, damnit!  That didn’t feel good.

Now-adays, thanks to the teachings of Abraham, my world view is evolving and it feels SOOO good.  When I hear the words, I feel them resonate in my body.  I feel the truth.  I want more.

My practice these days is to be vigilant about my emotional state.  I am understanding, on a deeper level, the power of my emotions and my ability to change my mind.  A thought comes in, and as Abraham says, I begin to beat the drum of some sad story of the past, or some drama in which I am victim or martyr and I catch myself, and begin to beat the drum of well-being.

Being in alignment with who I really am, as an infinite, spiritual being, connected to source, safe, appreciative, with all that I desire coming to me now.  That feels good.

I have a new morning practice.  I rise, and follow some tips from FlyLady.  As a full time school teacher, who writes, dances in a troupe, owns a home to keep beautiful, gets regular massage and acupuncture, I am often on the go!

I need some helpful hints to keep my life in order, and when my home is beautiful and my sink is shiny, I have more time for other endeavors.  So, I rise, use my netti pot, dress to shoes, shine my sink, start laundry, and spend 15 minutes clutter-clearing a “hot spot.” Then I journal for fifteen minutes or so, while I sip warm lemon water for its alkaline properties and digestive stimulation (Ayurvedic remedy).

Then I do fifteen minutes of loving movement, often Vinyasa Yoga, while I listen to Abraham meditations.  Finally, I make my smoothie.  I blend together one banana, a cup of strawberries, cacao nibs, probiotics, yogurt, coconut milk, chia seed protein, cinnamon, honey and raw almond butter.

Or, in this divine spring time with the abundance of green- try a green smoothie- spinach, spirulina- there are so many wonderful ways to make a nutritious smoothie.  It is a creative endeavor, what a joy!

The experience of being alive, for me, is one of gratefulness for all that I have, all the abundance and opportunity and love and joy!  What a celebration of divine mystery this journey can be when we appreciate!

Be vigilant with thoughts.  Beat the drum of your desires.  Know that all the best of what you desire is coming to you now.

In the Vortex,

Rachel Claire