The Creative Drive

I’m going in directions creatively that I haven’t gone before.

I am building a foundation so I have freedom to move creatively in a supportive structure.

I am communicating through writing. It is time. The craving, so long repressed that the energy began to bind inside, is now pouring forth.

I first said I wanted to be a published author in third grade.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading my writing. You are supporting creativity by reading my writing. And you are supporting me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So, if I replicated what I have done with my creativity in the past, I would be pouring it out to others, that’s the nature of being a teacher of kids. It dissipates it. Now, by writing here, I’m expanding my creativity bigger, I’m investing into myself, self connection, and sharing my passions.  Whatever is moving through me to communicate, I am exploring just letting that rip.

It is a creative drive. It pushes up fear because that is just part of change. In order to delve into the creative muse, and create tools and a structure for me to write and share, I have to face fear. I have to deal with my own emotions. The energy tells me my desires. I feel my desires, taste my dreams, and as a result I am nurturing the emotions that arise. This is the true joy of creating. Exploring our passions. Facing our fears and dissolving them, so that we can build a container for the truth. It is a deep psychological purging. I discover that the writing is a container for my deep emotions. It is a place to channel that energy, and then it is a vehicle with which to express, to serve, and to share. The energy that arises from within me, no doubt exists in you, as it is archetypal energy. Alas, that is the gift of creative expression, a place to channel and share wisdom with others, so through me, you see you; for we are made of the same.

So blessed is this life. So blessed are we, who came forth to create and expand. Reach out! Open wide! Say, “YES!” To the energy arising within you. Face those fears and doubts. Create your tapestry! You were born for this.

I love you,

Rachel, Blessed by the Muse, Claire

P.S. All these pictures remind me of creativity. 🙂

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