Get Grounded!

Aloha, you amazing being, you!

Have you ever felt anxious or stressed?  Noticed that you are bumping into things or people?  Try this amazing technique to begin to have seniority over your space and feel great!

I use this technique multiple times day, definitely before going out into public and before meeting up with friends.

It is very helpful for me, and I hope that it will be for you, too. Rule number one: Kindergarten!  Do this exercise with the wonder and awe of a new mind. Be in kindergarten and play with your own energy!

Here is an excerpt about grounding from “The Science of Living the Eternal Life: How to Surrender Your condition, Free Your Self & Live Beyond Time” by Michael J Tamura 4.22.12:

As you start to ground and run your energy regularly several things start to happen right away. One is that you start to free up any of your soul creative energy that you’ve been using to run your body with, maintain your body, keep it sitting there breathing and all that stuff. And you start to replace that with the cosmic and earth energy flow a lot more which makes you able to redirect your soul creativity, soul creative energies toward more soul creating uses instead of babysitting the body.




Here is how I ground:

Sit in a chair, or on the earth and close your eyes.

Begin to deepen your breath.

Acknowledge your body. Say hello to it. If it feels right to you, acknowledge yourself as a spirit.

Imagine out in front of you a large tree stump.  Bring it toward you until you are sitting upon it.

Imagine that it connects into your root Chakra and extends all the way down, through the ground, to the very center of the earth.

Know that it is connected to your root and to the earth. Give it a tug, if it helps.

Allow energy to flow out. Imagine turning a switch to release. Intend that all that no longer serves you flows out to the earth.

See yourself in an imaginary eggshell of energy. This is your aura. See that it is above, below, behind, and all around you and move it to a distance away from you that feels good. I generally prefer an arm’s length all around. This is your own personal bubble! Attach it three feet below you to your grounding cord.

Invite in your angels, guides, animal totems, or whatever, or whomever feels right for you, to clear your aura, repair it, and then intentionally set it for your day.

By set it, I mean, pick a feeling you like, an image you want to portray to others who you cross path, a color you want it to be. Know that this is your space. You have the right to be here, take up space, and you get to say who or what enters your space!

Then, set a rose out it front of your aura. Make it at least as big as you are. See it in detail, the petals, the leaves, does it have thorns? This is your sentry, or protective rose. Any psychic energy that people throw at you, will be absorbed into your rose.

Create a golden bubble above your head at least twice the size of you. Put a magnet in the center, calling all of your energy back to present time. Put in your bubble anything you want for yourself and your life. Perhaps abundance? Joy? Amusement? Fun? Friends? Deep connections? Travel?

Pop the bubble and let it flow in through the top of your head, let it fill every cell, every muscle, every bone, all the way to the tips of your toes and out your hands.

When you are done, slowly open your eyes. Look around the room. Rub your hands together, and if it feels good, bend over and let excess energy flow off of you.

Try this again and again!

Play with it! Use your imagination. See how good you feel!!




Imagination is more important than knowledge, thanks, Einstein! When we work with our own energy consciously, we move out that which no longer serves, we let go, we set our energy with intention for what we want to feel and experience and we are more aware of our power as spirit!





In acknowledgement of the spirit that you are,

Rachel Claire




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