The Surprising Message of Healing from a Woman Once Lost


Last Saturday night, while many of my friends went out to a grand party, I stayed home to read my book. I relish the quiet hours when I get to curl up and lose myself in a novel.

This one was particularly good. Based on her life, and her quest to walk the Pacific Crest Trail from southern California to Oregon, Wild, by Cheryl Strayed, weaves literary genius with true to life adventure in a tale that was motivating, thought provoking, and deeply moving.

I cried when I finished the book. It was one of those that as I began to approach the end, I tried to slow my reading down, not wanting the book to end, but, alas,  it was too good, I couldn’t help myself. 

Recently, I rode my bike for about 20 miles. It was the longest bike ride I’ve ever completed. As I was riding, I was thinking of Cheryl and her challenges on the trail. Her ability to push on through pain and hardship was inspiring. I thought, if she can do that, I can do this.

One might think that a book about a journey on a hiking trail could make for a boring read. One would be wrong. Not this book.

Cheryl Strayed weaves deep themes of childhood, abuse, patients at the rehab for drug addictions, death, letting go, marriage and divorce, obtaining custody with help from a divorce specialist, abandonment, dreams coming true and even overcoming a bout of being a heroin user, into a novel that invokes thoughtfulness about the nature of being human and romances the meaning of life.

In the end, her book was really one of a woman on a pilgrim walk. Turns out, in the Swiss culture, they have a name for people like her, who take to the road, via foot, and travel a long way.

They are to be highly revered. I get that. I imagine it is because the work that any one of us does to heal, ripples out and heals the whole human race. Any time we spend in silence, healing, or journeying on a spirit walk, we not only soothe our own soul, but we impact and effect everyone on the planet. I believe that to be true. Do you?

Do yourself a favor and read this book. In her journey of getting lost, you just might find yourself.

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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