40 Lessons Learned in 40 Years


It’s my birthday today and I’m celebrating! Here’s what I say I know after 40 years…

1. Sometimes, the things that we MOST fear, that we most put off, bring us the greatest joy. (Having Sophia at 38!)
2. Little risk = little reward
3. If you have the desire in your heart, it’s your to create + you can have it! Trust that! Believe! Go for it!
4. Love is accepting people as they are and exactly as they’re are not. And this can be HARD.
5. Alone time is when my greatest visions are had and biggest dreams are born.
6. Sleep. Sleep some more.
7. If you’re not energetically cleaning your space as a spiritual being in a body, you’re likely carrying around things that make your load a bit heavy. Energy work, whatever the flavor, is da bomb!
8. You have the right to change your mind.
9. But don’t be flaky. When you can come through, do. Honoring your word is powerful.
10. Joy is the greatest pleasure.
11. Play
12. People will fall away + won’t like you sometimes, let them go, they’re not your people.
13. If he’s your guy, he’ll show up, if he doesn’t, not your guy.
14. We’re stronger than we know.
15. Natural childbirth is totally beautiful and totally doable. Don’t be afraid.
16. We’re all psychic.
17. Claiming my weirdness and what makes me different earns me more money.
18. Writing is one of my greatest loves.
19. Flowers, trees and water are too.
20. I LOVE romantic, historical shows like Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey.
21. Reading is my solace.
22. My bed is one of my happiest places.
23. You have to set boundaries and it’s hard.
24. Many people will emotionally abuse you and no one will recognize it or own it. And you’ll have to figure out how to love your self in spite of what they say.
25. Dancing is soul medicine.
26. We need more nature time.
27. We also need more time doing nothing.
28. We women can learn a lot from tracking our cycles and paying attention to the cycles of the moon.
29. A woman’s greatest hindrance to success is likely tied up with her mother wound.
30. Forgiveness is the answer.
31. Love is too.
32. Music and drumming bring magic through to the earth and take us on rides to alternate dimensions.
33. We’ve got to get out of the drama cycle- victim, perpetrator, rescuer.
34. I really love Golden Retrievers and I hope I’m willing to have one before I die.
35. I really really really want to publish a book and it’s time. I really want you to read my book and I hope you like it.
36. Discipline is hard.
37. Meditation is necessarry.
38. Honey makes everything better.
39. Vulnerability sucks and is scary but it lets people in and it’s necessary for real connection.
40. We’re all afraid of being seen but we long for it deeply. We just want to be gotten.

41. (Because as my mama always says, it’s really your 41st year!) Listen to people. Just LISTEN.


Thank you for reading! What’s one of your nuggets of wisdom? I’d love to hear, leave it in the comments below.



Rachel Claire


P.S. BONUS! One more…because…it’s MY BIRTHDAY!


we truly are all ONE source, ONE consciousness…the ONE LOVE manifested in various forms and our greatest suffering is our illusion of our separateness from GOD. We’re all remembering and coming HOME to GOD. This is my most favorite song this year.

Hearing Sophia sing “Adi Shakti…” warms my heart!





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