Sit Still and Receive

We just aren’t taught, in this culture, to receive very well. We inherit so many stories about what’s okay to receive, when, from whom. I assert that as the Divine Feminine your only job is to sit still and receive. You have no doubt envisioned what you want. You have collaged it, written it in your journal, spoken it to your best friend, danced it, painted it, pinned in to your Pinterest account. Your work is done, me lady. Receive it!

The irony is, it’s in the space of just sitting back, sitting still and doing nothing that our dreams can unfold. It’s not true that we have to go out there, work hard and make something happen. The power is sourced from deep within.

Try this: sit back and see who calls. See who shows up. No doubt, there are people who satellite around you and you don’t actually have to try to do anything. Who’s in your orbit?

The abundance, and what you want to manifest, really start to cook when you relax.

The mind will kick in, “Don’t just sit here, do something!” That’s the nature of the mind. Everyone’s mind is always fast, always manipulating. That’s fine.

Give yourself permission to physically relax into the emotional reality that what you want to manifest is going to manifest. Yes, you can visualize, that helps, but it is the feeling of the heart’s desire that is a faster catalyst.

Seduce yourself into relaxing.

Then, enjoy the magic, like a light to a fuse.

Visualize. Be in the movie. Allow your heart to receive.

We all have challenges about truly receiving.

Let’s go for it!

Manifest into the material world, from a deep grounded place of pleasure.

Let me know how it goes.

In joy and bliss and funk and fun and troubled days that turn to sun,

Rachel, Manifesting Mamma, Claire.


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