Super Soul Sunday: Kundalini, Flowers from the Farm, and a Hike.

For Super Soul Sunday, I’d like to share what I did yesterday to nurture my soulful self.  I went to a Kundalini Yoga class, the Farmer’s Market (where I bought myself a bouquet of flowers) and on a hike by the flatirons.

My honey did not sleep in our bed last night, which meant that I slept great, and I woke up in a sprawled eagle, diagonal position.  If you sleep alone, cherish every last moment of it!

The sun was bright, with a cool breeze in the Boulder blue sky, as I went to the Adi Shakti Yoga Center in Boulder. Come on in sometime for a class if you haven’t, it’s an awesome space, full of awesome people and crazy good classes.

The Kria was for creativity. I warmed up my muscles with Sun A and Sun B, flexed my spine in swan pose, channeled energy up my spine through my Chakras, breathed fire and sang blessings to all of you before noon. Not bad for a Saturday.

A jaunt over to the market ended in eating a Rocket Dog breakfast sandwich with egg and arugula and watching sexy people do partner/acro yoga in the park. I don’t mind if you take of most of your clothes and flip your body around in front of me. I prefer it, actually.

I think my honey liked it too, because he got up and started doing push-ups. Yes, you are studly too, babe.

I bought myself flowers at the market because every one deserves flowers. I always ask the fairies to jump on my bouquet before I head off. I am all about inclusion, folks. No one and nothing left behind. I swear, I think of everything. 😉

With a yummy lunch digesting in our bellies we headed west to walk the trails of this sacred land. I slipped and fell once and it hurt. I didn’t cry, though, but I kinda wanted to.

Now I am off to Adi Shakti again for a Nirinjan Kaur concert. She has a voice like an angel.

I wish you many happy surprises on your path today. I wish you golden light that shines on your skin and makes you feel all warm and peaceful.

Here is a traditional blessing song in Kundalini Yoga for you.

If you wonder why Kundalini Yogis where white, it’s because white is all the colors and it extends your aura out further, automatically.

Also, when we dress in white to prepare for meditation, chanting, or yoga, it’s like dressing up. It let’s our subconscious know that something special is happening.

The turban keeps all that built up energy, the rising Kundalini, from leaving out your Crown Chakra. You get to keep all the fruits of that juicy energy inside and marinate in your divinity all the time. Yum.

May the long time sun shine upon you,

Rachel, Rise Up, Claire.

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