Sorrow, Courage, Joy: Letting Go

But I love him.

Regret for sharing my writing elevates.

Sorrow fills the empty spaces.

Another death.

Another letting go.

When falling in love with this man, I remember my hope that he would be the last, that heartbreak could be avoided.

That this joy from our love wouldn’t be buried, in the end, with sorrow.

Sorrow that it’s over.

Sorrow that it couldn’t be.

Sorrow that our dreams were not fulfilled.

Sorry that you have to go.

Sorry I have no home for you, here, in my heart.

You’re not the one, it’s not right.

Sorry we won’t touch that way again.

Sorry we won’t share loves kiss, with eyes lit up in joy.

Sorry I can’t soothe the pain.

Numb the sting.

Smooth over the empty ache of loss and aloneness.

I wish you well.

I will miss you.

That part of me, so loved, tenderly, by you- the way we danced- the way only we ever could, magically animated in our sacred way.

Many a night under a starry moon.

Many hopes popped like a balloon.

I will think of you.

Part of me will always wish…

Goodbye my lover. Goodbye.

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