Taste the Flavor of Your Heart: Yoga & Intuition as Spiritual Practice

What is your spiritual practice?  As we evolve in life, whatever it is we do, be, or have in the world, a spiritual practice can anchor us deeply in our body, flourish our spirit, balance our mind and help us move forward, fully embodying our soul gifts. Psychic work and Yoga have helped me taste the flavor of my heart. What is the flavor of your heart?

Yoga, as a spiritual practice, offers a gateway to profound insights and inner harmony. By exploring the depths of yogic philosophy and integrating its principles into my daily life, I cultivate a profound sense of connection with the universe and the essence of my being. As I walk this path, I am guided by the teachings of wisdom traditions and the wisdom inherent in my own experiences. For those seeking to embark on a journey of spiritual exploration through yoga, resources like https://www.yogavandaag.com/spiritualiteit/ serve as invaluable companions, offering guidance and inspiration along the way. Yoga, beyond its physical aspect, encompasses a rich tapestry of philosophies, traditions, and practices aimed at harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.

Moreover, these resources often feature insights from experienced yogis, scholars, and spiritual leaders, offering diverse perspectives and wisdom accumulated over centuries of practice. Such guidance can illuminate the path for seekers, helping them navigate the complexities of the inner journey with clarity and purpose.

My training at Psychic Horizons in Boulder, Colorado was a pivotal point in my spiritual evolution. The students there often lovingly call the school, Hogwarts, because it’s true, it’s a school of magic.

Each week as I attended my Clairvoyant Program, I gathered with like-minded people, people who knew that they were spirits, living in a body, and understood that they had the power to heal themselves. This is simple and radical.

To connect with such responsible people, who are up to creating miracles in their life, and willing to use the power of spirit to access the beyond and trust intuition is beautiful.

Beyond the honor of sitting in circle with these folks and meditating, visioning, and trusting one another to own our own space and cultivate our inner sight, we also learned powerful, ancient information, passed down through spiritual schools for thousands of years.

This place, this Hogwarts school of magic, became a safe haven, a home, and a place where I met many kindred spirits.

It is also a church, and once a month on Sundays when I would attend the service, I found myself crying through much of it. There was no talk of a man on a throne, declaring what I should or shouldn’t do.

There was only allowance, acceptance, and honoring of my right to know what I know, see what I see, and speak my truth. To say that experience was moving, is putting it lightly.

Though I have sat through church services many times in my life, I’ve never had such healing experiences as I did with these people, and felt the freedom to be. All that talk of the Holy Spirit in my Christian upbringing, but no reference to me as a spirit. At Psychic Horizons, spirit comes first.

As I accept that being alive means constantly growing, evolving and shedding layers of skin, I now inquire about what places, communities and practices can best support me moving forward. Psychic Horizons is on the top of the list. If you have not attended a class, feel into it, see if there is a still, small voice that says, Hogwarts is waiting for you. 😉

The second practice that fulfills me is Kundalini Yoga. I first discovered yoga on my college campus in 1998. Wowed by the teacher’s ability to put herself in seemingly impossible poses, and then surprised when she could coach me into them myself, I knew I had found a special practice.

Years later, I am a certified yoga instructor. I have tried Power Yoga, Hatha, Yin, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and all of them have value. Currently, Kundalini Yoga is nourishing my soul, via my breath-controlled, held, rapid, slow. I feel my insides light up in feel-good power, and the postures are slow, gentle, and yet vigorous mind practices.

Teaching of Chakras, Mudras, breath, postures, Kundalini yoga feels like an evolved form of yoga. It is gentle, nurturing, powerful and subtle. I enjoy the music too, and the incorporation of voice, as we chant a lot.

I practice at the Adi Shakti center in Boulder, Colorado. This place feels more like a community gathering space than a studio for yoga.

There are many spiritual practices that I enjoy. What serves you well?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel, Sweet Nectar of the Mother, Claire

All photos courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net

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