Being a Psychic

I awoke this morning with these two words in my mind: Psychic Light. It seemed very important as I wafted between the dream world and being awake. I felt that it was very important that I remember them. Once up, like many dreams often do, it seemed ethereal and distant.

So write about psychic light I will. Because God told me to.

What is a psychic? What does that mean? From my personal experience, being psychic is something we all are.

Have you known what someone was feeling, even before they did? Did you know who was going to call before they did? Think of a friend and then they call?

Naturally intuitive by nature, and prone to understanding beyond our five senses, we are conditioned and programmed to forget our inner knowing. How could schooling work if all the answers were acknowledged as being inside of each and every one of us?

If you are interested in cultivating your psychic abilities, simply ask. Pray to whomever you pray to, and ask for guidance, to open your sight, to see messages and trust your inner knowing.

I was always empathic. I couldn’t distinguish my feelings from another’s. I dreamt of things before they would pass. I learned early on to trust my knowing. I also learned to psychically intuit what other people needed and provide it. I would run circles around people, analyzing them, and it was usually spot on. The only problem with that, is it is too far forward with them, and I had to learn to pull back and focus on me. Habitually, I was centered around giving to others. Receiving is something I am currently learning and practicing. Being psychic is about receiving, pure and simple.

When we “read” another, we receive images, pictures, feelings, and knowing. When we are centered, grounded and in guidance, we can ask, and trust that everything we receive after that is in answer to our question. It takes time to learn to decipher the images and messages and learn the metaphors spirit may use to communicate.

Through years of experience, I now know that I can trust my psychic gifts fully. As sure as I know a glass of water is in front of me, I know that what I feel and intuit has a potent message.

Faith is a gift I carry, and one I’ve cultivated over the years.

So, psychic light is the energy, the light, divinity, source that is always flowing, and when invited in, when we show up to it day after day, open, ask, and receive, spirit will show up, see that we are an open vessel, we are ready.

Light is who we are, it’s what makes us up, it is spirit. The sun light gives us life. Light equals life. Light is synonymous with spirit, God, source, oneness. It is always there, ever present. One need only tap into it. One does not enter a room and flip a switch to turn on darkness, darkness is simply the absence of light. Light can be obstructed, redirected, but it is ever present and flowing, in endless and unperceivable ways.

Let your light shine. Ground your body to the earth mother. Call in light from the cosmos, through the crown of your head, and let it flow in to your body. Meditate on light, ask to be shown the way and you shall receive blessings from beyond. This is the gift of psychic light.

Psychic light is simply turning on ones psychic powers, opening oneself up as a vessel or channel for the divine to flow through. Given that we are it, one with it, made up of it, its safe to assume you shall be able to perceive it, interpret it and understand the messages, for how can you not know that which you are?

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