Manifesto: Where Are You Going?



I am a best-selling author.

I publish my own books.

I am a phenomena that catches on like wild-fire.

My books are printed in multiple languages and countries all over the world.

I am in a genre of my own that I invented.

I have readers from children to adults.

I share my vision and interpretation of life, the world, myth and spirituality in the unique way that only I can.

I am a cutting-edge, modern-day myth writer.

My writing is prolific.

I travel around the world speaking and giving workshops based on my writings and teaching.

I am a successful, sought after, well-known author.

I am surrounded by loving friends and family who fan my flames, support me, and I do the same for them, we lift each other higher, create from our divinity and experience blissful travel, adventure, love, amazement, and success beyond our capacity to conceive.

I have enough to share and spare.

I contribute to charities.

I help children and women.

I start foundations to support the health care and education of women and children.

I start my own school.

I travel the world, with my close team of family and friends and read my books all over the world.

I have a radio show on Hay House!

I am thoroughly used up and clear that the divine is running my life, that I live my purpose and my mission.
What is your manifesto? What is your dream?

What do you desire to create for yourself and your life, knowing that we inevitably surrender to our higher power, but that we are magnificent creators in our own right and can have what we want and then some?

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