Speak the Unspeakable and Shine Your Light

Artist: "Crystalline Medicine" by Charles Frizzell
Artist: “Crystalline Medicine” by Charles Frizzell

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”~Carl Sandburg

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, we can be surprised by information that is down-right earth shattering. Fall to our knees, lose our voice, crush our hearts, cry our eyes out kind of news.

When life sends us a hard lesson, we, as the courageous beings that we are, rise up and meet the challenge. We turn it into our greatest gift.

Often, we are propelled to grow spiritually when we have no where left to turn. Finally, we listen to the wise voice within. We pay attention to the signs. We ask for help. We surrender to our higher power.

What breaks our heart ultimately brings us to awaken our voices, sing our songs, tell the truth, and share what we’ve learned with others.

This in turn, gives others permission to let the shadows out of the dark, and we return to the light, together.

I am braver because of those who came before me. I am braver because of you.

Together, we open the way for one another. My loss is your gain. Your victory is my victory. We tell the human story in new and ever evolving ways, as we cast the light of truth on historically dark places.

It is an honor to know you, the great spirit that you are. Regardless of whether or not we’ve met, I know that you no doubt have traversed broken ground, fallen to your knees and cried out in the wee hours.

I’ve heard you across time and space and I open my heart to your great wisdom and strength. I say thank you, to you, and all of those who have come before us, who faced great sacrifice and tragedy so that we could live ever larger lives, and make a difference in ever greater ways.

Being human is a full and emotional experience.

Knowing you are in it too, with me, and knowing what you’ve faced and turned into gold, leaves me shining with a greater courage and a deep and satisfying ‘Yes!’ to life.

So, remember, my love. When the unspeakable happens, when you are brought to your knees, broken, and undone. Remember, you are the soul of an ancient and wise one.

Speak the unspeakable. Say the words. Out loud. Write them down. Post them to your wall. The time of silence is over.

The feminine is alive and returning to claim her rightful place on the throne of balance, peace and justice. She knows how to wield the sword of truth. She speaks. She names the unnameable. She will rip off the broken bandage of taboo and shine light in the most dreadful of places.

Her light commands a healing stare. See what’s been hidden there. Name the profane. Together we restore all to the holy.

We carve strength out of pain and love out of ache.

We will follow you, surround you, be your spiritual family. We are warriors of the night, to remind you, when dark comes, you are made of the light.

In love,

Rachel Claire


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