How to Feel Better and Heal Your Broken Heart

316973_10200496025389188_617720482_nMy clients often have questions about love. Whether we want to know when we’ll meet that special someone, or if we should stay in our current relationship, we want guidance about matters of the heart.

Here’s the best advice I have to offer when it comes to feeling better and healing a broken heart. Sometimes, just remembering these tips can soothe the ache. If all else fails, check out my “Grief” page for nurturing tips.

1. If he’s not here, he’s not meant to be here. Period.

2. If he’s your guy, he’ll show up. If he doesn’t, he’s not your guy.

3. Our greatest gifts come from our deepest wounds. Heart-aches plunge us into our greatest awakenings. Consider it a gift from spirit.

4. The break-up was a co-creation. This one can be a hard pill to swallow. Yet, you can handle it. You are not interested in being a victim. You want your power back. We each play a part in our co-creative relationships, so if it’s over, on some level, you both were in agreement it was time to part, even if it was unconscious for one of you. Claim 100% responsibility for your life. Even the parts that suck.

5. Milk the ache. Use the pain as motivation to write that book, or article, or poem. Heart wrenching moments make great art.

6. The next one will be better. We always move up. We grow bigger. We get better. I promise.

7. Take your attention off of him and put it back onto you. His behavior doesn’t really have anything to do with you, anyway.

8. Go inward and do your own work. Remember that how you feel is your matter to heal. When you do, you’ll be stronger and wiser for it.

9. Side with Yourself. No matter what, be on your side. We can all falter after the fact and see perfectly what we could have or should have done better or differently. Cut yourself some slack and know that you did your best and you probably had intuitive reasons to do what you did.

10. You Don’t Want Him. In the end, if he can’t meet you and stay in the fire to do the work, then, let him go. You deserve someone who will meet the mark.

11. Forgive. Forgive him. Or her. Hard. Forgive hard. Pray about it. Surrender to a higher power. Ask for a healing around this matter. Pray for their happiness and peace. Over and over until you feel it.

12. Get Support. Put supportive structures in place like acupuncture, regular massage, talk therapy, psychic readings, dates with friends, warm baths, daily walks, tapping and journaling. Nurture yourself like a patient and dose yourself with care. If you’re curious about alternative approaches to mental wellness, learn more about microdosing to explore additional options for self-care and healing.

If you are having a challenging time releasing a relationship, see me for a reading. In our session we can clear past agreements, remove cords, and free up your energy so you can release and move forward with greater ease.

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Rachel Claire

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