Celebrate Yourself on International Women’s Day

419245_495357060521023_2025000998_nDear One,

International Women’s Day is fast approaching (Friday, March 8). In honor of that auspicious day, I first want to take a moment to give a deep bow of gratitude to the many women who have shaped and influenced my life.

I want to celebrate this day — together — by sharing a powerful and transformative talk on something we hear far too little about.

My friend and colleague Sara Avant Stover is the best-selling author of the book The Way of the Happy Woman. She is leading this talk on March 8th, and it has everything to do with being a woman in today’s crazy world. She’ll be talking over two questions:

“What do I do on the first day of my cycle?”

And, “I’ve stopped bleeding. How do I continue to follow the cyclical nature of my body?”

Sara believes that this question is the key to living our lives as empowered, embodied women, in women’s bodies and with women’s cycles, feelings, and intuition. She will explain that what we do on the first day of our cycle (or the equivalent for women who are no longer bleeding) sets the tone for the next 30 or so days. Why it influences our relationship to Spirit and nature, to our businesses and colleagues, to our health and happiness, to our intuition and creativity, to our family and our friends. Why it is, in short, the doorway to living our very best lives as women!

The first day of your cycle is most certainly, definitely not, under no circumstances, a day to live like every other day of the month!

Sara will also be sharing details about and opening up registration for her online immersion “Reversing Our ‘Curse'” at the end of the class, if you have been interested in learning more about this.

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day by powerfully redefined our relationship with what it means to live as an embodied, empowered woman!

RSVP here.


Rachel Claire

P.S. When you RSVP you will also receive a beautiful “Moon Cycle Manifest” PDF poster. And, during the class, Sara will share a 20% off coupon code for Lunapads (for March 8 only). These are re-usable, sustainable products to support you during your cycle (and for every one item you buy from them, a girl in Africa receives a re-usable pad so she can go to school when she’s on her period).

Join us here, and invite your mothers, your daughters, your besties, your neighbors. Invite your favorite women for the kind of girl talk that we’ve never had and so desperately need!

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