5 Ways to Call Upon Your Totem Animals and Receive their Messages


I awoke this morning and pulled a card from my Angel Deck. It was the animal totem card, urging me to call upon my totem animals.

I headed off to a healing trade with a colleague. I arrived to her office, set my intentions, and lay down upon her table. Just then, I remembered my card, and called upon my totem animal.

At that moment, she said, “A hawk just landed outside the window, see it there?” I looked over to see hawk.

Hawk Medicine:

Awareness, Perspective, Insight, Truth, Visionary Power, Guardianship, Strength, Initiative, Decisiveness, Creativity, Messenger, Caution, Maneuvering, Leadership, Spirit.

I got chills. I believe if we’re asking + being present, we’re always receiving messages and guidance from the divine.

We are like Neo in the Matrix, we must rise above the mundane and realize that things are not what they seem, and if we pay attention, we may notice the glitch in the system and see beyond the veil.

Soon after, another hawk, this one a female, arrived to the branch of the tree just outside the window. I looked over to receive her image and let the blessing and the magic of hawk seep into my senses.

After my session, I looked up hawk medicine on-line. Here is one portion of a potent message I read:

Among Native American traditions, Hawk served the role of Mercury, bringer of messages and portents of change. Hawk reminded the people they needed to be awake and aware.

One of the greatest gifts a Hawk medicine person can give the world is their visions of a better and brighter future.

Visionaries are always ahead of their time and it’s not easy seeing what others are not ready to see.

Often these people are not honoured and recognized for their work and efforts until long after they have crossed over. And yet their work lives on to touch and enrich the lives of people the world over!

Honour the Hawk people you meet in your life. Encourage them to soar so they may bring their visions and messages back to earth that all may benefit.

I just wrote yesterday in this post about being a “harbinger of hope, a messenger with a ministry.”

This is a reminder for you, for all of us, to call upon the spirit animals of this earth for their guidance and power. We are never alone, magic abounds, and if we ask, we shall receive.

Five Ways to Call Upon Your Totem Animals:

1. Before you go to sleep, ask spirit to show you your totem animal in your dreams. In the morning, allow yourself time before you have to get out of bed to recall your dreams. Write down any feelings you have or dreams you experienced.

2. Sit in nature and ask your totem animal to show itself to you. Meditate. Be still. Then, open your eyes and see what you see.

3. Use a deck, like one of my favorites, Animal Medicine Cards, and do a spread to receive Native American animal spirit messages.

4. Do automatic writing. Sit down, say a prayer or set your intention and ask to have your spirit animal totems revealed to you. Just start writing.

5. Set the intention to know your spirit totem. Meditate upon your totem animal and just be open and curious. See what images, impressions or feelings show up. Notice if any animals show themselves to you, or if a particular animal shows up in images or conversations over the unfolding days or weeks.

Do you have this book? It’s a must read if you are interested in animal totems.

We are spirits, navigating this earth, let us call upon the gifts of God, the gifts of Creator, the guides and reminders alive and well on this plane, eager to guide us if only we are open to receive.

Leave a comment below and let me know you were here.

What animal guides have shown themselves to you lately? What animal medicine are you working with?

In love and magic,

Rachel “Hawk” Claire 🙂


  1. Eli
    Great White Shark
    Message: ancient, intrepid, calm in decisive action of becoming and ending, sensitive in the direcitve of the deep, and fearless in the sense that fear has never existed.

    1. I’m so curious how the great white shark has shown up for you, inspired you, empowered you, or interested you! That’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing, reading and commenting. What powerful medicine you carry!

  2. dear Rachel beautiful soul out there i greet you with love and light. the moment i start reading i could not stop. Tears run down my cheeks when i realise all that you write about i experience. even though i did not know who my animal guide was. everytime i drive than i will start seeing the same hawk and when i am in a torment he will appear of now wear. one morning i wake up with the thought to go home to my father as he is very sick without another thuoght i get ready for the 2hour drive to my family home while i drove there when i get out of the city i saw the first one and it take me safe to my father when i get close to home i ask if it is my animal that guide me i would like to have a sign when i enter the place where we live it have to waitfor me there and gues what when i get over the built before i turncting in there he sits on the pole. i get home take my father to the hospital and he had to rush to paarl hopital and have a small operation, and they follw me to the hopital while i drove behind the ambulancee the thought comes he will be ok and yes my father is still allive. Now i start connecting more with my animal totem , thank you thank u, thank u Gertruida

    1. You are so welcome, Gertruida! Thanks for reading and I’m so glad that you’ve been moved to connect with your spirit animal and receive that beautiful guidance and support from the spirit world! Blessings on your journey!

      1. Im confused. When things go wrong i swear i hear a wolf in my mind howl ,and i see a pair of leopard eyes. The other day something was pulling me to go into the forest near my house. Also every now and then i get these extremely powerful predatory instincts. Though im trying to call upon my animal and it feels like inside me there is a conflict in between my animals. A few seconds ago my breathing became weird and felt like it wasnt my own. I also heard something purring in my mind. How can i have two spirit animals? Also how come i get a weird comfort in reading things associated around wolves and large cats. Am i going crazy?

  3. Hi Rachel my animal guide is the heron and has shown itself to me recently when I had no idea that an animal guide was present in my life. I have told myself that God came to me in the form of a heron to show me what my gifts are and to give me a better understanding of myself. That was Tuesday and then Saturday as I was walking thru a park I heard a bird signing and I went to see what type of bird this was, it was a red cardinal. The heron I saw three times in different locations on a trip to an appointment. I was very down at that time and I believe God was trying to communicate something to me. Today is Sunday and I am feeling much better than I was. It seems that these interactions have lifted my spirits. What do you make of all this? What is your understanding of these signs?

    1. Beautiful Marc. Thanks for sharing. We create our reality. What we see in the world, though it may seem like just a coincidence, when we’re asking + paying attention, becomes guides + affirmations. We realize that we’re receiving answers to our questions, gentle nudges on our path. So yes, God is communicating with you! Lifting your spirits, showing you something to wake you up! The Heron specifically speak to following your own innate wisdom and path of self-determination. You know what’s best for you and should follow that, over anything anyone else says! It’s medicine is all about self-reliance!

  4. I’ve always been drawn to foxes and any breed or form. I think about them when I’m down particularly the red fox and one day I was struggle with myself and a fox leaps in the road I was far enough away to stop and he just stared and then ran back into a field . I pulled over and got out , not sure why but I called him like I was a fox and he came leaping and bounding to me . This is the 11th time in my life that they just appear . I’ve always had a strange impulse to be pacient and cunning and not to run into danger but to wait it out . I’ve even been given the nickname kitsune which is fox in Japanese . I think it’s clear who my animal guardian is .

    1. Ah, feminine magic of camouflage, shape-shifting and invisibility! Powerful magic! What a wonderful guardian. Thank you for sharing Kitsune!

  5. I like that you suggest sitting in nature and asking your spirit totem to help you see. My brother has been having some problems with feeling lost lately and I want him to be able to see his potential. I will send him this information and get him a representation of his spirit totem, a gold jaguar pendant, to meditate with.

  6. I too am gifted. Trying to understand my gift myself, which sometimes can be difficult. I am clairvoyant as well. My animal guide is the hawk. They circle my car daily, fly 4′ above my car. I feel very blessed. I had a vision 3 nights ago, was visited by a raven as I slept but it was not a dream
    It spoke to me at great length telepathically was a visionary. Unfortunately,I remember very little of what he said! What concerned me about this visit is that I had not seen a hawk in 3 days. I know this is so far fetched, but went outside and grounded myself. Sat down, cleared my head and stated my intentions. Low and behold, a hawk flew by me, it turned around and flew by me once again. Sometimes they tilt their wings as they pass by me. Now, I feel safe again.

    Two years ago, I was blessed to have a bald eagle come up next to my driver’s side window and fly next to me for a 1/4 mile. Our eyes met at one point, was just a beautiful experience

  7. Red Tail Hawk has been flying above me for over 20 years. I’m a mental health clinician, called shaman and “brujo” (witch doctor/ male witch) by my past and present clients, members and patients. I’m itching for a specific Red Tail Hawk tattoo. Thank you for the Hawk medicine.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by and reading + letting me know that you were here. Sounds like you help a lot of people! Thank you!

  8. I think my spirit animal is a wolf, because I’ve always felt connected to them. However it won’t reaveal it self what do I do?

    1. Hi Madison, thanks for reading + commenting. 🙂 Could it be that you’ve always felt this connection, so wolf is a spirit animal, but one you had in the past, and not a current one? I wonder if you’re trying to hard to have it be this, instead of just being curious and open. What animals ARE showing themselves to you? Go into nature, ask to be shown and be open to what you see, not what you expect! Hope that helps!

  9. Thank you so much! When I was little I remember hearing howls but only when the moon was out and at night. But now as I’m older I start to hear and feel those connections again.

  10. BMine is a giant black wolf, ever since I was very little I would always be dreaming about a pack wolves, one in particular would always appear and that would be the black wolf.
    I know people are going to call me a nutter when I say this next part but this is what has convinced me that this is my spirit animal.
    When I was going through boot camp shoved on me and my class by the school.
    For six and a half years when we’d all go out at night and play this stupid of his n’ seek, one night I decided to just sit by a tree and not join.
    The first few days of the first year being there, I would a pack howling, one night I saw them, I already knew they were watching me and had been for a while.
    Next thing knew I had eight wolves facing me, staring at me, most would scream and completely loose it but I never before in my life felt more at peace, sitting there not really moving they came closer and the closer they got the more at peace I felt.
    A couple of them came up and the rest soon fallowed, the next thing is what really what most dont believe, which is they we were interacting with me much like one would act their own dog not in the sense of playing but more cuddling and petting.
    This happened every night, everytime I would leave they would begin to howl, whenever someone else would start getting closer to us they’d leave, returning only when they knew the others were gone.
    I thought I was crazy but looking back now and knowing what I know these wolfs this pack was trying to convey messages to me.
    At that time I had thought they were trying to tell me everything was going to be fine, but they were really warning me about the dangers that were in store for me in the near future and to act on my already uncanny instincts.
    To this day I remember everything so vividly and look back on those six and half years with almost disbelief and yet a part of wishes I was them, this pack who showed me what it was to have a true family, to be loved and expect nothing in return, call me crazy if you wish but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened.

  11. I just read this and I’m super excited to try this out and learn my animal!
    I’ve taken quizzes and have read articles they say I’m a Butterfly, Hummingbird, Wolf, Raven, and Eagle.
    That’s why I’m excited to see what it really is!
    Thank you so much for posting this! It will help a whole lot! 😊💗

    1. I’ve been thinking and I always see Turkeys when I’m outside. Either in the car or outside.
      I just did my first time meditating and I think I saw a wolf on a ledge.
      I don’t know what these mean… The Turkeys could be a coincidence because I live in the woods. When I do see Turkeys it’s between 5 and 9 of them.
      The Wolf could be a coincidence because I love Wolfs but I’ve never seen one. I use to hear them howl but now not so much. The other night it was 11:30 I heard what sounded like a lot of dogs. It kept going so I pulled up the covers and went to sleep.
      They could both be my spirit animal, I have no idea…
      Pls help me understand all of this…

  12. Rachel, thank you so very much for taking the time to write such a beautiful and connecting publication.
    My father has been missing since November 30, 2019. He had many medical complications and had been seeing all kinds of things around the house before he walked out and couldn’t find his way back.
    Now with all this time, I’ve been asking for him to give me a sign. I get thoughts and feelings but never know if it’s truly coming from him or not. (He would know I would be initially skeptical, and need more signs).
    Then numerous (unable to ignore) hawks would appear in my life. The most recent being the most prominent! So beautiful, crossing a bridge on the way home with my fiancé, as I was saying how much I missed my father this brilliant red-tailed hawk flew directly (almost touching!) in front of the windshield with such grace and presence.
    I am still amazed by this, as two other red-tailed hawks have set up nesting grounds in our front yard tree also.
    Thank you for helping being peace, I have the strongest feeling that wherever my father is he feels the positivity that his message has made it through.

    1. Thank you so much. I am so sorry to hear of your father, but so glad you’re finding a deeper connection to Spirit as a result. I trust you and your father are still connected and he has made it through!

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