There is a Massive Women’s Movement Happening On-Line, Are You Aware?

316999_10150360500480817_1753802891_nThere is a huge women’s movement happening right now.

We are not in the streets holding picket signs.

We are not being filmed burning our bras.

Our mothers and sisters and aunts and grandmothers already did that.

The ground-work has been laid. The fire, ignited.

We women, we aren’t talking about what we want. Not out in the streets. We are far too busy for that.

We are building empires and connecting with women all around the world.

We are streaming live, sharing resources, supporting our sisters from every race, every nation.

We heeded the calls that came before, we were born with them in our DNA.

We aren’t wrestling with whether gays should marry, or black people should receive equal pay. We already know. We know the deep truths of life already.

We are one love, baby. One family.

We honor Martin Luther King, Jr. He is our idol. Oprah Winfrey? Our teacher. Barack Obama? We likely voted for him.

Not only do we support gay marriage, we are the Reverends in their ceremonies.

We know what’s right.

We dance under the stars at Burning Man in our self-sustained community. We know what’s possible when a mighty people come together.

We could run circles ’round our State Representatives. We know they don’t really represent us, by the way. That cat’s out of the bag.

We are working on creativity, business, sustainability and how to generally rock it and be awesome.

We know laws are bought by lobbyists. The brainwashing didn’t work, we are Indigo’s and Crystal children. We are made of earth and stars.

Our “officials” preach family values and send our brothers to war to die. We practice what we preach.


While they argue and debate and report to the masses that the economy is in trouble, we are building our own economy.

Money? Over here, it’s like rain.

Had I stayed in my full-time teaching career,  I’d be missing out on the most exciting women’s movement of my generation.

I’d be standing ’round the water cooler (except teachers don’t even get water coolers) and I’d be hearing about the latest football game, or how I need to make the kids meet the newest test standards, or, the usual, “Oh God, it’s only Monday?”

I’d not know that I could quit and make millions on-line by being myself.

The Dalai Lama said that western women will change the world.

I think he’s right.

To do that, to be healthy and happy, we must follow our spiritual guidance.

We must dive into the creative endeavors that bring us joy, and have faith that Spirit will sustain us if we are lovingly sharing ourselves.


I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B School.

In module one I was astounded at the way my hands feverishly answered the questions.

It was as if my hands had been taken over, I was channeling, and the answers to her questions were pouring out of me, surprising even me.

My dear friend Helen sat across from me unable to even start. She looked up at me and said, you are a writer.

Seeing the contrast between us was a helpful reminder.

You see, you and I forget our greatest talents, our natural gifts, our magical offerings to the world.

If we don’t have others around us reflecting back to us what they see, then we think what we do is normal for everyone, because it is so normal for us.

However, through her eyes, I was reminded by great Spirit that my writing is a calling, a gift, a natural expression and it’s not that way for everyone. We each have that thing we love to do, we do it naturally, whether we’re paid or not.

We are meant to do what we love.

We women, millions of us, are feverishly working on-line to create the new Earth.

The days of working for the man and believing that we must work hard, save, then retire and die, are over.


Committing to B school and Marie Forleo’s work has already begun to alter the way I see myself.

Our first assignment was to craft our IDEAL customer avatar. Who is She?

Here is what flowed forth from my finger tips…

“She is yearning for love. She is successful, talented, well-educated, loving, open-hearted, sensitive, cares so deeply, wants to make a difference and contribute.

She worries she will never feel safe, secure, have her love with her. She has wounds and aches from her past, unmet needs, lost loves and disappointments.

She fears that she pushed them away, made them leave, made her own bed that she now lies in. Yet, she is committed, eager, and so full of precious love in her heart that night after night she dreams and therefore is ready to manifest her desires, the vision of her life.

She wants confirmation that she can have her love, children, a vacation, multiple homes, joy, an abundant career, accolades, acknowledgement. A career that is more her life purpose than working hard for another.

Together, we usher in a new world for humanity, a place where we all get to do what we love, what moves us, our natural creativity, and that makes us prosperous, abundant, needed, a contribution, and makes a difference for others.

Together, we restore harmony to the earth, tribal ways to human connections, and simplicity, joy, connection and creation on the earth, in loving, harmonious ways that work for everyone.

Dissolving outdated systems that never worked anyway, we reclaim the power of the human spirit and reign on earth as it is in heaven.

She joins with me in heart mind and spirit and sees what I see, she develops, together we rise up, create institutions, invest, speak, teach, heal, serve, love and share.

We manifest the highest version of ourselves, together, on the planet, one family, one love, caring for all, loving all, restoring joy and knowing peace.

We, the women, in our divine power, heal, restore, refresh and love and together experience bliss in loving and living on earth, our own sacred paradise.”

As I wrote that, I got chills.

I am still a teacher, but instead of working for “the man” and doing his bidding for meager pay and long hours, I am rising up to usher in the new age.

I am a hand for my sisters, a vessel for spirit.

I am a guide to tap into your own power, to practice spiritual arts, to awaken your own psychic knowing and join with me in ushering in empowerment for women and thus, for us all.

Not bad for a Monday. 😉


Rachel Claire

P.S. Marie’s assignment to delve into the depths of who my client is, from her hair color to her deepest fear has been an artful practice in self-connection and allowed me to reveal myself more fully in this post. I feel vulnerable to say all that here, but I trust that She, she is me, she is you, and we can reveal our desires, speak our truths and find those who resonate. In fact, we must.


  1. I love it sister. I thoroughly enjoyed your perspective as always. Thank you for sharing your truths so unabashedly. I adore your writings/musings, and celebrate the totality of your being. Oh, and yes, I am aware of your ladies’ movement that’s happening online. Kind of feels like the planet and us Guardians really need it now more than ever. I love you~

  2. I totally adored reading your words that I felt so in tune with. To think someone else thinks just like me. I stumbled across this on Pinterest and am so happy I did. Thankyou for being you and being real and describing our new world exactly how it is! What a beautiful life we all live. Much love peace and harmony to you sister Rachel Haynes! Looking forward to more if possible as I noticed this is back in 2013! Here I am 6 years later! How’s that for timing! 💖💝💖

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