How To Know Your Value

734247_505174656205930_1092703052_nI remember the moment I told my mom I was leaving my career. I remember the tears in her eyes as she said, “If you don’t have insurance, you could be the ruin of me.”  I cringed to think that all her hard work over the course of her lifetime could be ruined, by me, in a moment.

I looked into her eyes and I said, “Have faith, mom.”

Though everyone told me I shouldn’t, though I knew not if I could make it, I did what I had to do. I risked it all, everything I’d built, for the dream in my heart, the vision in my mind and the deep desire of my soul.

I knew that to stay would be to sacrifice.

To let a larger dream die. To forgo my burning desire and the cravings within. I had to see for myself.

I bet you want to do it too.

Here’s what I imagine might be true about you…

You want to leave your day job. You want to trust that you can live in your genius, offer your greatest passions and have them be enjoyed and received.

Perhaps you are just waking up to your value, to the fact that what’s natural and second-hand nature to you, is the thing others love about you, enjoy, want more of.

You are wondering if you can make it if you quit your job; a job that makes you feel like you are dying a slow death.

You wonder if you can survive without health insurance.

You’ve been indoctrinated into a system that says you must have insurance. Security.

Did the Native Americans have health insurance?

What about the European countries where health-care is free?

We support a system that enslaves us and we believe that without it we are at risk. Vulnerable. So, we sacrifice our deepest soul-purpose just in case someday we have a tragedy.

We pay allegiance to a corrupt system that enslaves, lies, kills.

We must be the way. The change. The pioneer. The One.

You were provided for in the womb the first nine months of your life. What’s to say you won’t be for the rest of your life?

That which breathes you can pay your rent.

Once, the leading scientists of the day believed that trains could not go beyond 30 mph or humans would combust. Then, there were some brave humans willing to test the theory.

Turns out, it wasn’t true. Our limiting belief was proven wrong. Progress was made.

We are the ones moving at 30 mph, dependent on a system that no longer serves, thinking our paycheck, our insurance and our retirement is the source of our life.

You wonder if you can make it on your own.

I am here to tell you, you can.

I am here to say, it’s possible. I’m doing it.

It’s not that you have something great to offer, it’s that who you are in your essence is pure spirit.

You’re God, baby.

Who you are in your essence is enough.

You need make nothing, do nothing, sell nothing. You need only hone in on who you really are, what you have naturally, in your essence, in abundance, and then be willing to share it.

It that way, we are sustained by the love of God.

Align with your heart, your soul, your true passions and share that with the world.

You need only value your worth.

When you know who you really are, you’ll know your value is priceless. From there, you’ll be willing to put a price tag on it anyway, to receive an energy exchange from those who love what you give and want to share in return. It’s a win-win.

Value Your Vibration.

For it is the love of God.

So, next time you wonder what you are worth, ask, what would God charge?

Name your price from there.

For it’s not about sacrifice, or working hard for another, but about honing in on the gift we have to give and sharing it with the world.

In the end, I left my job because I had a dream in my heart and I knew that I could serve better and bigger and more by truly being me, to my fullest, cultivating my passions and honing my gifts and then sharing, sharing, sharing! To not do it, would be the death of me.

As Gay Hendrix says in his great book, The Big Leap, are you living in your zone of excellence or your zone of genius?

I want you in your zone of genius!

Leave a comment with a specific example of a leap you’ve made in honor of your inner truth, heeding your intuition. Or, leave a comment and let me know one area of life you’d like to change if you felt that you *really* could.


Rachel Claire


“When Moses told the other Israelites that they were leaving Egypt, many of them got angry with him. They were slaves, but they were resigned to it. They made do. The idea of risking what indeed turned out to be forty years in the desert making their way to freedom sounded scarier than the thought of remaining slaves.

How many times do we do that — not really making a run for freedom because it seems a bigger risk than staying where we are? We grow comfortable with a dysfunction, or complacent about a societal condition we know is wrong.

Yet Moses is the part of us that knows we can make a run for it, that we can free ourselves, and that deliverance awaits.” From Marianne Williamson

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