Treasures for Your Pain

Art by Irina Karkabi
Art by Irina Karkabi

Ah, my sweet, golden butterfly

How charmed I am

My nose tickles,

My wings flutter…

All from the resonance of your name

Sweet word that rings of you

May your breath be full and deep

May your eyes be strong and well

May your hands be protected

For all the things you’ll make and sell

Giant creator you are,

These things I know for sure…

Light and love surround you

Your power will endure

There are secrets to come to you

Sweet treasures yours to claim

Sweet daisies for your pockets

And pennies for your pain

Worry not, my Lord.

Your life is blessed and true

You are an Angel sent from heaven,

The one, the only, you!

© 2013 Rachel Haynes.

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