Soul Secrets Series: My Original Medicine & My Message for the World

 artist Valeriy Kot

artist Valeriy Kot

I shared my most vulnerable post today. I was so nervous. Did you miss it? It’s private & password protected, so only peeps on my list got access. It’s not too late, though, read on to find out how you can be a part of this conversation.

In indigenous teachings, there is an idea that each of us have our own message and medicine that we bring to this life.

If we don’t share it with the world, it is lost forever.

Our experiences & our unique path give us insight into life, vital to the whole, important to share.

If we don’t share our message, it can never come to be, from anyone, or anywhere else.

{ My Medicine }

I really got my medicine when a teacher & mentor spent time with me during a retreat in Tulum. She said to me at the end, “I’ve been watching you. You have a real child-like energy, a playfulness, a lightness you bring to life. That’s medicine.”

It’s true. I do.

Mostly, as I go through life, I feel joyful, lighthearted & playful. I feel amused, like a child. I look upon the world with fresh eyes.

This is my medicine.

{ Once we know our medicine, we must know our message. }

What’s yours?

My message is one of honoring what is natural in the world: Nature. Play. Sex. The things we naturally do and enjoy.

Here’s why:

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{ The Soul Secrets Series }

Perhaps there comes a time in everyone’s life where we realize that we must tell our story. We must rise up, face our fears & live out loud.

That time has come. I realize the path I’ve walked has given me some unique insight into sex education in our country.

The experiences I had regarding sex as I grew up & the experiences that I’ve seen first hand that many young people have today about sex, have given me a unique position.  I know quite well what’s happening in our public schools and with our young people when it comes to the natural world, their bodies, health & sex.

It’s not a pretty picture.

For those of you who don’t know, I spent 4 years in the public schools educating 5th graders about “Maturation” which is puberty & the human body. I faced some seriously interesting energies about what we should or should not say to our young and what they should or should not know. (Like whether or not we were aloud to say the word, “Sex.”)

I also made the news for what I did share with students. To be sure to hear about that one, make sure you’re on my list. Click here for my soul secrets series.

I sparked a huge debate on-line too. Let’s just say that Doctors & families around the country had my back. One parent didn’t.

I wore the Scarlet Letter at my school for what I was willing to do.

My mom is also the only woman in the State of Colorado who taught a comprehensive Sex Education program for 8th graders for over 25 years. In her last year of teaching, they shut it down, to spite new Federal & State Standards mandating that health & sex education be taught.

It’s time to use my voice to share my story & make a difference for people on the planet who struggle with talking to their young about sex. The young people need us.

Big Picture: I’m an educators educator when it comes to teaching young people; especially about puberty, health & sex education.

I’m also up for giving you empowering tools to talk with young people & teens about sex so that the shame & stigma that keeps us out of balance & out of touch with reality can transform.

There’s more to my story, but it’s personal.

So right now, I’m only sharing it with peeps on my list. I’ll open up to the public once I’m ready to begin publishing my books about my experiences, but for right now, since I still do work in schools (private) with kids, I’m not speaking too loudly, yet.

I am learning to blend being a trusted educator with speaking openly about sex to young people. It’s edgy.

If you’d like to know more about my original medicine & my message for the world, then hop on my list. Click here to join my soul secrets series now.

If you want the password for the Soul Secret Series that came out today, Email Rachel  & I’ll make sure you’re in on my secrets!

I hope you’ll join me in sharing my message.



Rachel Claire



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