Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

1011921_10200857965707247_1908297136_nMy paternal grandmother, Jackie, was so loving. I remember one time we were on our way in to a restaurant & she stopped and took the hand of the woman holding the door open for her, looked her right in the eye & said, “Aw honey, I love you so much.”

This last weekend, I celebrated the life of a beloved brother who passed away. His legacy is love.

Our whole community shared stories of how this dear brother, Nolus, was such a bright light, a connector, an open heart who truly loved big.

A friend of ours created a song as tribute to Nolus. He divided everyone up at the memorial into sections, air signs in one quadrant, fire in the other, earth & water in the others.

There we were, as the clouds rolled in, a crack of thunder vibrated the sky & cleansing rain came pouring down.

We each had a part of a song to sing. The chorus was, “Dear, dear sister, dear, dear sister, I love you so much, I love you so much.”

Once we learned our part, we wandered around together, in light rain, singing to one another. I was deeply moved. This song was inspired by Nolus, for he always called people, ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ and like my grandma, he wasn’t afraid to tell people he loved them.

How about you? Do you share your love, with open arms, to those you care for, or, like me, do you sometimes hold back, for fear of being too much, too soon? (To BIG. Too LOUD. Too out there.)

I’m here to share today, that we each have a legacy to leave, and that legacy, for all of us, is love.

Who are you? What are you here for?

What happens when it’s your time? Will you rest easy, knowing that you lived righteously, being the vessel for love?

We all have ways we can expand, open our hearts a little more & let love in.

We can all increase our capacity to give love, for it is, as Nolus often said, “endless, so take some, take all you want.”

Take my love. I offer it to you here today, across the ether. Take all you want. It’s endless.

I sure let love in this weekend.

As an empath, I felt all of it. I cried all day long, but I also laughed heartily, danced mightily & squeezed those I loved with much fervor. (Thank goodness I have lots of tools for consciously moving energy and letting go of what I no longer need!)

I am the path love takes. So are you.

Let us ask more, What can I do for love? and less, What can love do for me?

This little note here from me today is a gentle reminder to LET LOVE RULE!

Remember, if you could use a little guidance, or some deep & soulful reflection of who you really are and why you are here, I offer Soul Sessions.

These times are intense, we’re all going through layers of shedding fear & stepping more fully into our truth.

If you are sensitive, empathic, or opening to deeper intuitive knowing, just remember there are powerful yet simple tools you can use anytime, anywhere, to assist you in navigating life.

Check out my Resource Page to find tools you can start using now.

Click here to find out more about Soul Sessions.

All my love!


Putting love first means knowing that the universe supports you in creating the good, the holy, and the beautiful. It means knowing that you’re on the earth for a purpose, and that the purpose itself will create opportunities for its accomplishment.

~Marianne Williamson, Teacher of A Course in Miracles.


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