Serpent Mound: An Ancient Sacred Site

imagesI gazed out at the milky sky, full of moist air and green tree tops. The road curved along the Appalachian highway and I imagined being a Native American, living in these rolling hills when there was nothing here but sprawling earth and warm sky.


When we arrived at the Serpent Mound I was excited. This place has been dated back to the late Archaic period- at least 2,000 years-old.  It is a mound, the only one in the US that is not a burial ground and it is in the shape of a serpent. At one end is an egg, then the open mouth of the serpent, followed by a coiling snake and a spiral at the end.


I approached it and meditated upon it. I closed my eyes and noticed red, base-Chakra energy filling my third eye. Then, light in my crown. I noticed that I felt warm, calm, grounded.


The Serpent Mound is surrounded by the crash site of a meteorite that fell to earth millions of years ago. I wandered around, took pictures, sat in stillness and wondered what secrets would be mine from visiting this place, could the energy awaken parts of me that are sleeping? Could the rhythmic power of the great snake protrude this thick head, thick skin and thick air and make light of my heart?


I wished I wasn’t with my family, and that other tourists were not now arriving. I wanted to have a ritual, a quiet time to be in the space and simply be aware. Oh well, it’s humid and hot.

The signs said, “Stay on the path.” I’m a rebel. I didn’t stay on the path. I want freedom to explore. I want to roam free. I urge for it from deep inside. Maybe I’m a bad person. Maybe I have no respect for rules. Maybe I think rules are made to be broken. I did tread lightly, though.


I walked from one end to the other and climbed the tall viewing tower. How this mound was made and why are still mysteries. Natives did live here & could have created it, but nothing is proven.

Is this ancient site, visible from the sky, a marker for extraterrestrial beings? Did a flying object land here and did extraterrestrial beings create this mound? Did a large meteorite land here? Is it a creation of the Native American tribes to honor their worship of the serpent?

After we left I asked my mom & my aunt if we could stop at a house that had a sign that said, “Fossils & Minerals.”

We pulled into the house on the side of the country road and parked. There were no signs, no open doors welcoming us. A young woman came out, 21 years of age she’d later share, dread locks on her head, sacred geometry tattoos on her arm.

She welcomed us into their little shop, said her father would be back soon and we were free to look around.

I asked her what she thought was the purpose of the Serpent Mound? She replied, “I believe it is an ancient site for Natives. There are seven humps in the curving mound, I believe that represents the seven Chakras and that the serpent and the egg is about Kundalini energy.”

I wondered what brought her wisdom. Was it spiritual information she awakened to, was she born that way, did her father teach her, is it a function of being around gemstones? Is is because she lives by this ancient site?


I was surprised to meet progressive and open-minded people in these hills, many of the town’s folk  I’d come across had been less than kind or open. Chakras & Kundalini have not been talked about by anyone other than me on this trip thus far.

The young woman showed me an article from the newspaper about the crop circles that had been made near the mound.


Her father returned. I asked him if he’d seen a UFO. He said indeed he had. He shared that one night they sat out on the mound and watched the dark sky, when seven lights in the form of a triangle appeared over the mound.

They’ve seen these seven lights, in the form of a triangle, many different times.

He reported that his friends had heard the crop circles being made in that area. It sounded like a wooshing sound for about thirty minutes and then there were these incredible art pieces in the corn, the corn itself bent at a 90 degree angle, not flat or smashed, just perfectly bent. This is a picture of the one that was closest to the mound.


As he talked, I noticed his books on the shelf behind him. Sirius. Books by Thomas Moore. It’s nice to be reminded that there are people all over the world, even in isolated country, waking up to similar truths. I think I smiled inside.

He invited me to visit with an Aztec elder who would be travelling through in the next week. I thanked him but let him know I was leaving soon.

We bought some stones.

As I headed to the car, I felt a sense of peace come over me. In the midst of my family, out of my Boulder bubble, I can feel like a black sheep, an odd man out.


Through the magic of Serpent Mound and a man delighted to be asked of UFOs in his little gem shop on the side of the road off the Apalachian highway, I made a modern day connection in the realm of the spiritual and found a little piece of home.

Thanks for reading today. What do you think this ancient site is? Tell me your perspective in the comments below. Or, tell me, what do you think of crop circles? I’d love to hear from you.


Rachel Claire





  1. Black sheep. It’s great to stay on the path, better to make your own path if you have the fortitude and web better to make fiends with enlightened souls. Love provides everything we need for Liberation. Live your love. Love your life. Sat nam!

  2. Rachel: Sounds like an awesome adventure you had. I would love to visit there and see the mounds and crop circles. Of course I believe in UFOs. In this massive universe, how can anyone ever think that we are it? No way. The possibilities are endless. Sending love.

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  5. Just returned from visiting 5 Mayan sacred sites: Palenque (Mexico); Tikal, Quiriguq, & Lake Izabal (Guatemala); and Copan (Honduras). In Mayan culture, the serpent represents Kundalini energy with the curves correlating to the 7 major embodied chakras. The egg (or being) coming out to the serpent mouth represents rebirth and new creation.

    My humble opinion is that these native peoples of our continent all had similar star origins and teachings from the 7 sisters (Pleades) among others. We see similar symbology around the globe within very different cultures, meaning very similar things.

    1. Love this! Yes, that resonates for me, too! How wonderful that you visited these sites Priscila! Thank you for visiting here + sharing your perspective.

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