The Secret Power of the Feminine and How to trust Yourself

Polish Black Madonna by Nigra suM
Polish Black Madonna by Nigra suM

In the masculine model of the old-world paradigm, we do. We effort. We follow a formula and we get a result.

This is, as I said, the old model.

More and more women clients are coming to me for similar reasons.

We are waking up to our divine feminine, our power, our healing abilities.

I know we hear this a lot, but to me, what it looks like on a spiritual level is that people are waking up to the old ways that don’t work for them, that feel repressive & toxic and are realizing the power to choose something new.

This looks like choosing something in alignment with our spiritual purpose and accepting our talents and healing abilities, even though it means facing our fears, or dealing with pain.

The truth? There is nothing we need do.

By this, I mean that we don’t need to follow a formula or a prescription, but that healing and evolving is a natural process in life and once we are open, aware and committed to our spiritual path and growth, we are propelled forward. It’s more like a surrender, a letting go, than an attempt to control.

Yes, we still have things we do.

We meditate. We can connect with our inner world. We learn from teachers & guides, follow our intuition, pay attention to our dreams, cultivate a practice, but these are all ways of being receptive, which is feminine, and are simple ways of allowing vs. trying to control or make something happen, as we’ve been trained to do.

We are realizing that we are here to heal and to awaken humanity to higher levels of consciousness.

This is the time. We are more willing to take risks, give up the status-quo, go against the grain and face the fears of our parents or others who are still steeped in fear & believe that we should fit in to some mold.

Once we are willing to take action upon our guidance & trust our inner knowing over the outer world’s perceived expectations, we commit a radical act of opening.

We show spirit we are ready to be used as a conduit of the Divine.

We are more open to guidance, to spiritual information from beings of higher realms to channel through,  for we’ve shown our willingness.

Our transformation becomes the catalyst for the transformation of those around us.

Who changed, really? Did we, or did they?

Once we walk through the hard stuff and face the pain, we do have the ability to alter our life as we know it and completely transform the dynamics we’ve created in all our relationships.

The feminine principal:

The feminine way of healing is to receive, to open up as the channel or vessel for information, guidance, and healing energy to flow through freely. (So long as we aren’t afraid of feeling emotions!! Ah, is this the key to feminine divinity, allowing space for all of it?)

Women come to me who are breaking out of jobs they no longer love and they want to make a leap to living a life that is designed by them. They want freedom, space to explore creatively. (It’s no wonder since that’s the journey I took. Read about that here: Spiritual Journey or My Biggest Screw Up?)

They ask me, “Can I leave?”

More often than not, my answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

I check in and ask spirit on their behalf, but my body vibrates and rings with the energy of their desire. Immediately.

This is their knowing, their guidance.

We get our own guidance, but sometimes, we want confirmation.

As a psychic, I do not provide future predictions, but I do provide confirmation, clarity & guidance. I help people to tune into their own desires & to trust those desires, recognize them and act upon them with confidence.

We can trust our intuition.

It comes in the form of our thoughts, things we repeatedly day dream about, or yearnings we have.

Often, we just need to hear that those longings & wants are valid and can be trusted.

We need permission to side with ourselves. 

If it’s coming into your conscious mind, its okay to honor it, to want it, to take heed and follow through.

The mind has been vilified in our culture. We mistrust it, we think we are acting from fear or ego.

The way to tell the difference is to notice your thought, and if it is light, energizing, exciting, or uplifting to you, it is your guidance.

Take Note:

If you don’t have a practice of writing, consider taking that on as a way to connect with your intuition.

Often, when our Crown Chakra opens up and we begin receive guidance, it filters into our conscious mind, but we don’t have a way to harness it or see it reflected back.

Writing in a journal can help to show us our repetitive thoughts and help us get clear on what we really want.

Then, we begin to trust ourselves even more and become brave in our actions. We cultivate self-trust. We learn the subtle differences between repetitive, negative, ego-mind thought and true inspiration.

Healer, heal thyself.

What I most want to express to you today is that if you are a healer, the secret power of your feminine lies in undoing the conditioning that says we are here to serve other and do for other. It is the unconscious mothering energy that has become out of balance.

We are ready to reclaim our sovereign energy and own and clean our space responsibly so that we don’t heal unconsciously and become full of dis-ease.

It is the putting on of your own oxygen mask first, but instead, think of it as owning, managing and consciously running your own energy before you go compulsively “fixing” other.

What I mean, is that it is likely that the mere presence of your energy begins healing others. If we choose to make it more conscious and begin to notice when our attention is on Self vs. other, we can begin to see our habitual pattern of care taking and can begin to heal powerfully from awareness and boundaries vs. unconsciousness.

If we are not conscious of being a healer, we likely have our energy too far forward with “other” and we are being the energy that supports holds and uplifts others. This is exhausting and can lead to dis-ease in the body. Soon, energetic boundaries get blurry and we might be feeling emotions that are not our own.

This is why I love being a psychic reader.

When someone comes to me for a session, they are giving me permission to read them spiritually and sense their energy.

It is acknowledged and clear that that’s what I am doing. Therefore, the space is set and what I feel is theirs and I can reflect it back as such.

This is powerful, for instead of just hanging casually with a friend and feeling weird and not realizing it’s their energy and not mine, I get to actually get to set an intentional, mutual, powerful context, in which we both know I am spiritually tuning in to your vibration.  Shazaam! That’s rad, my friends. Rad.

You are psychic, too. You may just not be fully aware of how aware you are. 😉

A good question to ask is, “Is this mine?”

That helps to determine whether or not you feeling another’s energy, taking on their pain, or feeling something of your own.

The more we embody our power by loving ourselves, connecting within, meditating, and cleaning and clearing our own space, the more we become a powerful beacon of light and attract to us the situations and people and circumstances that will contribute to us and propel us forward and, we’ll know what’s ours and what’s not. Essentially, we’ll be more conscious, and that, my friends, is what it is all about.

We are shifting from masculine, external, outward action and “doing” to a receptive, feminine state of being aware and receptive.

The feminine is the space in which life grows.

This is good news. This means we can cease our push towards drive, control, making things happen and sit back, expand our awareness, and be the space that we be, in all of its glorious perfection.

How does it get better than that!?

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Thank you for being!

To your powerful, radiant, and graceful healing,

Rachel Claire


  1. Beautiful Rachel! Indeed this journey is OUR journey. I too know of so many women who experience what you’ve shared! Here’s to stepping into the flow with courage and a knowing that this is exactly what we are meant to do!

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