The Law of Divine Compensation

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I made my way through the pouring rain into the great, white, dome of Mile-Hi church. I was so excited to soon see such a powerful and inspiring icon of our times.

When they announced her name and she showed up on the stage, tears filled my eyes.

I was overcome with emotion at the opportunity to see this woman whose voice I’d listened to on many lonely nights, whilst seeking truth in shadows.

Many nights I’d curled up with her words and contemplated the deepest Truths of life. Here she was, my teacher, a guide, a light house in the dark, in front of me.

Marianne Williamson is a student of A Course in Miracles. She also happens to be a mightily triumphant woman when it comes to walking her talk, inspiring thousands, and rallying people to care about things that REALLY matter, like starving children, the high incarceration rate, and the corruption in our government.

She also happens to be a poetically powerful prayer maker, inspirational writer, activist and a woman who reminds me on dark, rainy nights, when I think life may have just taken a turn for the worse, that the universe does, in fact, have my back.

A Course in Miracles says that we have but one problem: a belief in our separation from God. 

To live a life of miracles and faith, we must surrender our worries to a higher power, realizing that we did not create ourselves, therefore, we have a creator.

It is an essential first step to surrender our worries to the altar, and there, they will be altered.

Daily Meditation and Prayer

To truly hear the voice of God, we must sit in silence.

If we are not serious about our life and our faith and our connection to a higher power, the universe will not be serious about us.

Be willing to sit, each day, in prayer and in meditation, being receptive to the answers and knowing available in silence. Once you get serious about this, the universe will get serious about your life.

 Realize that You are a Spirit, You are Not Your Body

Marianne started her talk this way, speaking to the fact that there are two parallel universes, one in which you are in the material, third-dimensional world and life is hard and challenging and there are fears and limits.

Then, there is the alternate reality, where you trust you are a child of God, and therefore, you are sustained by the love of God, taken care of and there is a divine plan for your life.

“Don’t be lured into a malignant thought system” she said, where you believe that you are isolated and alone. That, my friend, is like a cancer cell- saying NO, rebelling, going off and doing its own thing.

We are cells in the body of God, and if we surrender, just as every cell in any living organism has a purpose and a function, so do we. 

As Marianne Williamson says, “You are disempowering your self to the extent that you define yourself to anything external.” This means that you are not bound by the seeming laws of this reality, you are not in a world of lack, you are on earth with a mission and your deepest truths are not anything about your bodies’ reality.

Therefore, our body and our 5 senses are not going to give us access to the deepest truths. Putting faith in spirit, meditation and prayer, will give us access to deeper truth and to our true mission; our highest calling.

Know that You Have Choice

Know that you are at the effect of the rules of the world you identify with.

So, if you identify with the world that says the economy is bad and jobs are limited and your resume isn’t good enough, then those are the rules you will be bound by.

However, if you choose to live a life of faith, putting your hands in God, then you will be bound by the laws of the deeper truths of the universe, that you are an unlimited spiritual being, here on purpose, with a divine plan for your life.

The universe is self-correcting and just like a GPS, any deviation from your path will create an immediate auto-correct. That is the Law of Divine Compensation. 

Don’t base your beliefs on the shifting sands of the world. Your body says you’re a small and separated self.

You are actually here to represent He who sent you.

We All Have the Same Purpose

You are here to receive love.

What we do is the form our ministry takes.

Remember, as A Course in Miracles says, “Only what I give to you can I keep.”

So, which reality will you identify with? We either surrender and ask to be used for higher purposes of a Divine Intelligence, or we say, NO.

A cell that says no is a malignant thought structure of the ego and it leads to destruction.

Nature is intentional, and so too is your life- we each have a highly individualized curriculum.

How would your life change if you got up every day and believed that?!

Use the Power of Your Mind for Faith

Enlightenment is unlearning. Unlearn the thinking of this world.

The thinking of the world is, “Ain’t it awful.”

Don’t respond to error, there is no error. We can absorb the loss. 

Through positive and loving thought, you can create miracles.

A Course in Miracles says that there is, “No order of difficulty in miracles”  and “A miracle is correct perception.”

Look correctly upon your life.

Extend your perception beyond the hurt and pain and use your mind for faith in positivity and love.

When we see ourselves as loving beings, and we give and receive love, and we have faith and trust in that which created us, we receive miracles. 

When we put our faith in error and believe in lack, we are refusing miracles.

The Moment There is Lack, the Universe Compensates

Put your faith in that!

Miracles are held in trust by Holy Spirit and will be ready when we place ourselves in a moment of ultimate receptivity.

Nothing is lost, all is held for us.

We must remember, we are the faucet, not the water.

We are children of God, not God.

Your purpose is to represent He who sent you and to experience giving and receiving love. Nature can handle our lives.


The key to living your miraculous life is sharing.

A Course says, “An idea is stronger when it is being shared.” It also says, “I only get to keep what I share.”

Share your love, share your ideas, share your passions, gifts and abundance.

Open your heart to share, trusting not in lack, or fear, but in love.

Pray and meditate so God can reveal your divine plan.

Leave a comment and let me know: What wisdom did you receive from reading this? What nugget can you take away? Leave your comment below, I love to hear from you!

In service,

Rachel Claire Haynes, M.A., Ed.

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  1. Wonderfully written. One of the many gems I took away from this is the universe auto correcting our moves. Faith, prayer, and meditation….yes! Thank you!

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