Hello love!

It’s so important (and easy!) to clean our energetic space and to CHOOSE to consciously move other people’s energy out of our space!

What’s so great about that?

  • You’ll feel more clear
  • you’ll have more of YOU
  • you’ll immediately increase your energy
  • you can actually heal yourself IF it’s YOUR energy and not just someone or something else
  • you’ll begin to sense what’s yours and what’s not

The list could go on and on…

  • you’ll start developing your Clairvoyance as you strengthen your vision by using your imagination in the exercise I show you!
  • you’ll feel empowered
  • you’ll take a moment for you, to sense in
  • you’ll step into your power

This IS how we use our senses, we visualize, notice, imagine, and PLAY!

Click the video below and see how you can, in under a minute, clean your space!

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To your healing,

Rachel Claire

“Imagination is more important that knowledge.”~ Einstein