Why Healers Must Clean Their Space and How to Do it in 8 Easy Steps

dreamstime_s_14604849As healers, empaths and sensitives, it’s easy to take on the energy and feelings of others. This is common and happens all the time.

The problem occurs when we aren’t conscious that that’s what we’re doing and we begin to mistake the energy of others for our own.

Then, we feel funky. We may feel sad and depressed for no reason at all. We may feel tired or even begin to have aches and pains.

One of the ways I first began to tune into my gifts as a psychic healer was that I would touch other friends and then begin to have physical symptoms. One time, I voiced it out loud.

Right after touching a girlfriend, I started to feel sick to my stomach. I described the sensations exactly, and she said, “Oh, that’s weird, that’s how I’ve been feeling.”

I began to take notice. I began to ask questions like:

  • Where was I just?
  • Who was I sitting near?
  • Is this mine?

Soon enough, I began to realize that my empathic tendencies, unconscious for much of my life, were ways in which I was empathing and healing others.

Shortly thereafter, I enrolled myself in psychic school. As soon as I got clear about what my energy felt like, I began to have awareness and consciousness around energy. You see, when we are in our energy, we feel good. Most often when we’re not feeling well, it’s NOT ours.

I began to know that if I felt off, it was typically not my energy.

That awareness gave me choice. I could choose to check in with myself, ground, anchor into my body and ask foreign energy to leave. I could move energy in my body. I could fill in with my own energy and call it all back to present time so that I wasn’t filling in with foreign energy.

Soon enough, I was clear that I am joyous and happy. That’s what my energy feels like. When I’m funky and grumpy, that’s usually not me.

This makes life more clear, easier to manage, and leaves me feeling joyful, healthy and happy most of the time. That’s a good reason for any healer to clean their space.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Ground yourself

2. Run your energies

3. Set your aura bubble

4. Ask: “Is this mine?”

5. If it’s not yours, say, “return to sender with consciousness”

6. Set up an energetic protection rose out in front of your aura bubble and ground it to the earth

7.Cleanse your aura by imagining soapy bubbles coming in and cleaning out your space

8. Set your aura space a comfortable distance around your body

I guide you through all these exercises and more on my youtube channel. Head on over there and check them out if you’d like to know more about managing, cleaning and owning your space. This will help you feel more like, YOU.

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