Create as the God You Are and Give Your Love Away


We are here as extensions of source energy. Our essence is wonderful. The purpose is love.

Our only function, really, is to extend love to others. The only question we need ever ask is: How much can I let the love of Creator shine through me?

When we judge others, we are only placing conditions on our love. This, therefore, is not love. Love includes all things. Love opens, receives and judges nothing.

If we look upon another and say, “No, not that.” Then, we are in resistance, we are judging and we are cutting ourselves off from source energy.

God creates and then looks upon that creation and says, “It is good.”

God doesn’t create and then judge whether or not it is too big, to little, too fat or too large.

God creates and knows that it is good.

We are all, all of us, making our way through this world. We are doing our best in any moment with what we have, where we are. If we could do better, we would.

I believe all we want is to be seen, to be loved, to belong. 

It reminds me of what Mother Theresa said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

We all do it from time to time, but I believe we can change, we can alter our path and if we are willing to choose it, we can open ourselves to challenging experiences, places & spaces where we may have contracted or moved away and instead, we can open, we can let go, and we can extend our love to others.

This is our purpose. Your only purpose is to be the extension of source energy that you are and to extend that love to others. You are here as a conduit of love and as such you have immense power to change the world.

If you judge, contract, push away, deny, then, well, great. There you are.

What is possible when you love others regardless of your judgment of where they are?

What if you meet people where they are and offer love, acceptance, appreciation & support, vs. your assessment of where they are?

I see so many lonely people. I see so many misunderstood people. I see so many who pretend to be joyful in spaces & places, connecting, laughing, but who harbor deep loneliness and sadness inside.

I believe it is because we put so much pressure to be positive & great & seem perfect & put together and we hide our shame. For if we let it out to people not deserving, then we may end up being rejected or judged.

It is scary to walk the world today. So much to manage, so many feelings, so much letting go, so much change. We perceive that we lose love, friends, dear ones. Close people die. Our mothers betray us.

Our only job is to learn to let go, to be that change ourselves, to work it and work it and work it until at last we can love anyone, anytime, anywhere, regardless of their circumstance.

Love is the answer. Always and forever. 

How willing are you to let go of your point of view? How willing are you to give up being right? 

When you do, you will receive the world. For all is you and you are always meeting yourself. 

Imagine you, on your darkest day. If you came across you, would you offer a hand, extend love, hug and listen? Or, would you judge and deny?

As Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Peace is every step.”

May you walk in peace, every step. May you choose, in 10 second increments, for then, you can always choose to offer love for 10 seconds. Would that be so hard?

Choose love. Love you through loving another. Give up desiring only to get and start giving. The irony is, you’ll receive all.

Perhaps Jesus said it best, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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Rachel Claire


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