How Does a Psychic Reading Help?


I had my first psychic reading when I was in my early twenties. I was in a dark night of the soul. A boyfriend had walked out one day and ceased all communication without any warning.

I was left, alone, hurt & feeling abandoned & confused. I needed support. I needed to understand on a deep level why I had called in such a challenging experience. I needed soul soothing.

I found a clairvoyant healer who closed her eyes and began to describe to me a scene that I had literally lived. She knew, with only my name to go on, what phase I was in, what had happened, deep feelings in my heart. She began to describe to me the lesson that I was to learn from this experience.

I felt soothed. I felt more clarity. I felt strength & wisdom, a sense of security that all was unfolding in a divine plan, and that indeed, if he was gone, that was as it should be.

I continued to see psychics as I matured and continued on my spiritual journey. There were some amazing ones, and some not so good ones, too. Many of them began to tell me that I was very psychic & sensitive & that these were my gifts.

I had always been sensitive, but that often seemed like a curse. People often said to me, “Geeze, you’re so sensitive.”

It had never occurred to me that that was a blessing, something that could be honed & used as a skill.

I began to take classes to develop my psychic sight. It was amazing. I saw pictures, knew things, could empath other people’s feelings & medical issues.

I began to have faith, to cultivate confidence, and to know myself as a psychic.

I took risks, began to be brave, & claimed my right to know what I know, see what I see & speak my truth.

Things began to shift. I began to feel confident, capable, clear.

I began to be willing to see, and to be seen.

I replaced fear with love. I grew my trust in life, spirit & deep connections with others.

Now, after many years of reading as a psychic, and claiming this ability for myself, and studying with teachers & reading books & going to schools of the psychic arts, I am a different woman.

Now, I know that when someone comes to me for a reading, I can anchor in, adjust to their energy & see images that relate to their questions, relationships, family dynamics & gifts.

It is powerful to trust deeply in spirit, in life, and to know that answers to our questions can be seen, felt & known.

It is also very healing, for when we see energy, the energy moves.

I will only see energy that a client is willing to have me see. I only look with permission. What I see may be an unconscious pattern that the client is just beginning to be ready to own, to see for themselves & to heal.

When I give language & words to a pattern, to a belief that someone holds, it shines the light of consciousness on it.

That allows it to be in our awareness, and from there we can choose differently, and alter that pattern.

Therefore, my work, and a reading, is about seeing energy & speaking to that energy, acknowledging energy that we may be holding onto, or belief systems or patterns that we are subscribing to, that are no longer serve.

We can then break through the energy, realize that it is only a “picture” and that in fact, we are infinite beings, spirits, capable of choice & freedom & creating something new.

My work is about consciousness. It’s about awareness. It is about bringing the hidden, or unseen, or the un-acknowledged, to the light of day.

For, if we are willing to see it and acknowledge it, then we have choice, we have power, and we can change it.

When we keep things hidden and are afraid of being seen, then we hide, we deny, we resist, and those things, that energy, persists.

For example, let’s say you were born into a family in which sex was not okay and it wasn’t alright for you to touch yourself as a child, or run around naked, or explore your body & be joyful.

Imagine that from an early age your parents smacked your hands away from you when you touched yourself. They said, “No, don’t do that, dirty!”

You’d grow up with a “picture” about sexuality, your own body, touching yourself. You may think that you are dirty, bad, and wrong for enjoying pleasure or having desires.

You may cut yourself off from your feelings. You may deny some energies that you experience.

At some point, you may want to change, to heal, to bring awareness to that area of your life.

If you stored the energy of your parents judgment in your sexual chakra and your emotional chakra, then you have someone else’s energy, someone else’s judgments, in your space.

Other people’s energy in your space will only keep you confused, unclear, and stuck.

Perhaps now you want to be free. You are ready to release that energy. You realize that it doesn’t serve you, and you want to be empowered, in your body, running & channeling your sexual energy in a whole, complete, healthy way.

When you receive a reading, I see those pictures, the ways in which others influenced you, and the past judgments stored in your space.

When, in a safe space of non-judgment & healing you receive that reflection, all of that becomes conscious and you, as a spirit, begin to release that energy.

It is that simple.

Heal the spirit, and the spirit heals the body.

Are you ready to see and be seen? Are you ready to claim your right to know what you know & speak your truth?

Enter a space of healing & non-judgment. Work with me.  

To you, being fully you!


Rachel Claire

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