Why You Don’t Have to Change One Iota to Be Loved or to Thrive

ID-100114887I know many of us are really going through interesting times, myself included.

From death, loss, separations, to sadness for the state of the world, there’s a lot we could be stressed about.

Other people I know put on the shiny happy face a lot. For a long time, I was just really confused about that. I sometimes waver between being real & feeling that I should be uber positive and perky & focus on the good, or just show up how I am and own when I’m wrestling with something.

The reality is, that’s just the way life is, people go through ups and downs.

People die. We lose ones we love. Relationships end. We get abused. 

Of course we are not victims, I believe that we are powerful creators, and we attract in the perfect puzzle pieces to help trigger our wounds so we can heal & explore them.

Yes, we have choice. We can choose better feeling thoughts, happier people, to focus on the good.

Yet, there are days & spaces & times when I break down. It happens, and I’m done villifying myself for being imperfect and holding myself to some ridiculous standard.

Spirituality, growth, these things can be messy. People feel. We have reactions. You never know when someone is working out a deep wound, an old trigger, which most of us have, for whom among us had emotionally available parents that met all our needs?

The point here is twofold:

One, it’s okay to be a mess, to grieve, to have a shitty day & to show up however you are. 

You don’t have to pretend to fit the mold. You can just be. You can be you, and that you that you be can change. You don’t have to be what they expect. 

The other thing is this:

No matter what you’re going through, there is the other side. You will cross that thresh-hold, shake that pattern, heal that wound. You will make it through. 

And the thing is, you don’t have to try to heal. 

You can just be. You can be you. You can choose, for you, based on what feels good in the moment & trust that the vitality within you knows how to heal, to attract relationships, to thrive.

There’s so much hype about hustle & prioritize & just do it & make it happen that we forget about the magic of the vitality that is the being that we be.

That inner BEING (YOU) knows how to heal, flow, attract, repel.

Yes, we have to let go. And, there are ways life has of just taking care of that shit, too. You don’t have to do it all, figure it all out, or know the answers right now.

Could you just give yourself permission to be, and to trust that the BEING you are will handle it?

Getting in touch with that inner part of you, doing the inquiry of sitting with you and seeing how you feel & just being in the sensation of being you, is more than enough. Just be.

You know what happens next? You get awareness in your conscious mind about your desires. 

From there, you’ll naturally be propelled forward by impulse. When the impulse comes, acknowledge it, go for it. When it’s not there, just let yourself be. You have no where to get and no where to be.

The ultimate truth is, you don’t have to fix, change, or heal anything in this life to be loved & to thrive. 

You are ALREADY the embodiment of Divine Love.

Did you get that? You don’t have to change one iota to thrive & be loved in this life. You get to just be. You don’t have to negotiate for love. Love is who you are and it is not earned.

And that, my friend, is a beautiful thing. Here’s to your being you, and me being me, and the glory of what it is to just BE.


Rachel Claire

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