Make Like Lady Gaga & Get Saucy


My mom called and shared that she was going to the Lady Gaga concert with her best friend. They had club seats, for free, right close to the stage. I oohed & awed & raved about how awesome that was.

She shared with her friend my enthusiasm, to which her friend replied, Oh, take Rachel! I’ve been plenty of times.

And that’s how I came to be at the Lady Gaga concert, for free, in club seats, stage left.

When I was growing up, Madonna was the icon of the age. Today, it’s Lady Gaga.

What impresses me most about this dashing Lady, is that not only is she herself, and she creates great art & shares it with the world, but she also uses her platform to talk about things that matter.

Though I was dazzled by sets & lights & crazy costumes, I was also touched & deeply moved by her raising awareness about people with deformities & disabilities, her mention of homeless transgendered youth, bullying & her invitation to people to talk to their teens & connect with them & ask them how they feel. The teen suicide rate is the highest it has ever been.

In the middle of her show, she put a number on the screen & for everyone who texted to that number, she would donate $10 to those organizations.

Throughout the show, I kept thinking that she is just herself: artistic, open & willing to share.

This is all we are here to do, in my point of view, to be who we really are, as authentically as possible, and to share our light with the world.

Lady Gaga said, “Make your art & share it with the world!”

I kept thinking, “Yeah! why not? What am I doing?”

I get so worried about my image, my persona, all the masks I wear & the image I create in my mind that I want you to believe is the real me.

Yet, honestly, I hide. I‘ve been hiding even more lately.

I’m afraid to be judged, to be too radical, to say something that hurts someone or causes a negative reaction.

That’s a whole lotta’ holding bak & trying to manage.

All I can do is be me, create, create, create & share it with the world!

As I waited in line to get in to the show, and as I was people watching from my seat, I kept thinking, This woman is wild, outrageous, shocking & she says “F@!#” 

And you know what?

People love her. She fills stadiums with people who dress like her, write her love letters & explode in enthusiasm to see her.

We crave realness. We love people who are genuine & willing to show themselves.

To be clairvoyant, which means to see, we must be willing to be seen.

I wonder what’s possible if we all allowed ourselves to be seen, more & more, for who we really are?

What would that create?

As Dain Heer says in Access Consciousness, Be you, change the world

What if it’s that easy? What if that’s all the world requires of you?

I, for one, am going to get more daring. At some point, I’m going to drop dead. Between here & there, more than anything, I just want to be real.

Join me?


Rachel Claire



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