Why You Should Care about Developing Your 6th Sense


I teach my clients to ground, which means to meditate, to be present, to get centered, and to release energy.

Why would I do that?

When we take the time to validate, or say “hello” to our spiritual energy, that part of us that is not the body, but is within, and connected to source, we lower our blood pressure, we calm our anxiety, and we anchor into the here & now.

So what? Why does that matter?

The more we are present, the more we have choice & awareness & power & can choose for ourselves what we desire, and thus end up creating a life we love.

It’s only when we are absent-minded, or un-present, that we miss out on connections, the magic of the moment, and end up creating circumstances & relationships that are unfulfilling.

I also teach my clients to consciously run earth & cosmic energies through their bodies. Why?

Again, whatever we put our attention on, grows. So, every time we have our attention on our energy, or our spirit, we are saying that energy matters, we are validating that we are a spirit, and we are strengthening our connection to Source, which in turn will strengthen our connection to our guidance system, to our knowing, to being clear about why we’re here & what we desire to create.

Then, we can go out and create that, from a present, empowered, & embodied space, which will lead to fantastic creations, far-out relationships & fulfilling moments.

Would you like to create fabulous relationships & fulfilling relationships beyond what you thought possible?

You see, to me, we’re all gonna die.

Now, I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but it’s true. So, while we’re here, I think it’s in our best interest to spend time cultivating things that matter, that have value, & that are lasting.

What will last after you die? Anything?

I believe you’re a spirit. You go on. If you were to die today, would you be afraid? If you were still “awake” but no longer had a body, what would happen?

The wisdom of many elders on this planet teaches us that cultivating a connection to spirit, to the ether, to energy, is a vital & lucrative affair.

We can learn to tap into the well of the infinite, that part of us that is constant, and does not change.

That, in turn, gives us access to our divine guidance, our knowing, helps us navigate this world with ease & grace, & when it comes time to transition, ensures that we’re empowered as a spirit.

I’m a teacher. I’ve learned a great many things. I teach grounding & meditation exercises on purpose for a very good reason.

I’ve never found anything else that helps me to be present, grounded, in my body, awake, aware & connected to my knowing, my guidance, & spirit.

This has allowed me to attract the jobs, career, clients, relationships that best serve me.

Are you one of them? You’re here for a reason. You’re reading these words.

LIfe is not a random accident. There are magical, invisible webs connecting all of us.

If you feel adrift in the sea, tune into that powerful part of you that is constant, vital, & alive & knows how to heal you, your life, & attract in what you desire from the depths of your heart.

If you’d like support, I can teach you how. Your Divinely Guided Life Program is just that. It’s yours. I designed it with you in mind. Someone who is powerful. Potent. Ready for change.

I have openings in this powerful coaching program, which promises to assist you in being present, healed, embodied, clear & connected to your knowing, so you can create the life you deserve.

I’d love to work with you. Download your free report up above, or get a free strategy session & let’s see if we’re a good fit. 

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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