You Have a Right To Say No


I’m reading a book called, The Power of No, by James Altchuer

It’s revolutionizing the way I think.

It suggests that we have a right to say no to people, events, and things that we don’t wish to choose.

It’s inspiring me to really believe, on a deeper level than ever before, that I am entitled to say no, and that in fact, it may be the key to really creating the life I desire, full of only people who fan my flames & are loving and supportive.

I’m done with putting up with people around me who are rude, unkind, and unloving in their actions.

I desire to surround myself with loving, supportive beings who really like me.

If you don’t like me, don’t hang around.

If you like me, and you can treat me with love & respect, you’re welcome here.

If not, I’m not going to put up with attempting to give energy to people who are unkind. The truth of it is, there are more people in my world than I’d care to admit that I’ve kept around because I care about them, I love, and I champion people’s rights to be themselves.

Yet, here I am, having people in my world who lack integrity (doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it).

This is what I see is missing in many relationships.

People make a promise, give their word, and then don’t follow through. Our word is our bond, our oath, it’s all we really have. It’s our magical power.

The bottom line is that people’s time is valuable and important. If someone is giving you their time, the least you can do is show up, on time, and fulfill your word.

If you can’t, call, let them know as soon as possible. 

I’ve had people in my world who claim to love me, yet they lie, don’t hold to their word, and don’t show up when they say they will.

Then, if I express my dislike of their unwillingness to follow through with their word, and their integrity, they blame me. Classic.

I call baloney. 

I’m up for surrounding myself  with kindness.

Like, finally owning that I deserve it. Truly.

I know, I can hear you saying, but shouldn’t we be kind & loving & not judge people, etc.

Yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be aware that someone chooses to be a jerk a lot. It doesn’t mean we have to keep people around. We can love from a distance.

Let’s make a distinction between being judgmental & having an awareness.

Someone can be being the energy of a jerk. I can be aware of that. That’s not a judgment. It’s awareness.

I’m gonna love more people in my life from a distance.

I’m gonna make this light of mine so big, so bright, so full of a round bubble of joy & bliss & love & light that you, if you’re not joining in on the light & love vibration, can be over there, on the edges, like, waaaay over there.

Part of honoring ourselves as aware, sensitive & psychic beings includes choosing very wisely whom we allow in our valuable vibration.

Not everyone is your friend. Not everyone needs you to save them. 

If people don’t really show up in your world in a powerfully, positive way, then let them go, you can do better. 

You deserve people in your world who take the time to see the real you, and reflect back your beauty so you can own all of you, all those beautiful parts you’ve rejected or disowned because someone made you feel like you weren’t good enough.

You’re good enough. You’re better than good enough. You’re a powerful, vibrant being who deserves LOVE. And love is action. Kindness in action.

Accept nothing less.


Rachel Claire

P.S. Get this book and give yourself your right to say no!

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