Are You Acting out the Wounded Female Archetype?

Lady in RedMany women come to me and I say they are wounded.

We all have our wound, our cross to bear, so to speak. No matter how great your parents were, or how lovely your childhood was, we all get wounds as little ones.

It can happen in utero, when you felt the feelings of your mother or the people around her. Fear is prominent, and many of us were born to women who were excited to become new mothers, and also had a great deal of fear. This got transferred to you.

Or, maybe others around your mother sent fear energy psychically toward your mother. Others worried: is it the right time, do you have enough money to survive? Perhaps your father had fear.

We pick that up.

As we grow, we inherit the conversations, or energy, of those around us and the culture and collective unconscious of all humans, too.

Many women are wounded. You are feminine, you are powerful and you are healers, but you weren’t told this when you were young. Perhaps you’re acting out the patterns you inherited from generations of your family- fear of money, survival, and not having enough, or being enough.

This time on the planet is about honing in on our gifts, which are those of being empowered, embodied, whole, complete, enough and perfect; regardless of the messages you got when you were young. This is not an easy task. We have this energy stored in our Chakras, or energy body.

We have fears from past lives, perhaps how we died in a previous life, and then we come in with those traumas stored in our unconscious.

To heal, we have to mother our wounded child within. Just as a mother gives nurturing life force to her babe through her breasts, like that milk, we must allow the nurturing energy to flow in our lives, through our bodies, to ourselves and then out to others.

It is our charge to heal ourselves, to stop the karma, so we don’t have to be born again into a situation that will wound us again. If we do the work now, we can stop the chain. And believe me, it’s work.

We have to change our energy. That will change our lives.

We have to change how we think. To do so, we must have a practice. This can be writing, journaling, walking, meditating, yoga, dance, or any other spiritual practice, but ultimately, we must commit ourselves to a practice- we must be disciplined. There is no magic pill.

No one can just heal you. People can tell you what they see and where your energy is stuck, and we can use energy modalities to help facilitate change and transformation in our energy and bodies, but we ourselves must be open, aware and willing to receive. We must choose to change.

Where are you cutting yourself off from receiving? Where do you block your good?

Ask these questions!

Notice what you’re aware of. And take action when you are guided to do so. Guidance can show up as repetative thoughts urging you to write, or to walk, or to take that job or read that book.

It’s like the old adage says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Ask your guides and angels and helpers on the other side to show you your next steps, and when you get an awareness, take that step.

If you are a wounded female, someone who has been cut off from feelings of power and your capabilities to heal yourself, reclaim that power. Declare it now. Do something.

We all have the archetype of the wounded-child within. This child shows up as the negative voices in your head full of fear and judgment.

Bring those parts home, pull them to you. Put them on your lap and tell them they are safe, it’s okay and you’ve got this. Treat all those thoughts as shadow parts of you, your little one within whose scared and has been cut-off from nurturance.

Give those parts the love they never received. Mother you, here and now, and that’s how you begin to heal the wounded archetype of the feminine.

The feminine is receptive, loving and nurturing. She is also fierce and strong and powerful.

You are she. You have and hold both. No one can illuminate that truth for you, more than you. Others can tell you, reflect it, but you must train your mind to let the fear go and to know in your heart of hearts that you are safe, you belong and it is okay.

You can be anything. You can have what you desire. Call upon it. See it. Think of it. Write it down. Pull it towards you.

If you need help, do the exercises I offer in my FREE Women’s Intuition Toolbox.

If you do these exercises everyday you will move stuck energy and release fear and cultivate power- here and now. You can heal. You can change your life. The power is within.

Your greatest pain is your access point. You heal that and then share how you did it with the world. You become the light of the world, showing others the way home.

You can heal yourself and release all that fear.

I’ve done it myself. I know it works. I once broke my leg and couldn’t walk for three months. I had pain from ankle to hip every day for years. I’ve healed that. Not all on my own, but I’ve done these practices, and when I have been guided, I’ve followed the energy of what feels light & right for my body and I’ve allowed others to contribute their healing energy to me, too.

I once had stage 3 pre-cancerous cells on my uterus. This is a second chakra issue. An issue of blame, guilt, money and power and control. It was about not having honoring relationships, not expressing my creativity in healthy ways, and not feeling safe around money and sex.

Today, I am happy, healthy, and thriving. I don’t have any cancerous cells. I am whole and complete. I believe all physical symptoms can be healed. Your biography becomes your biology. You can change that.

To the reclamation of your Divine Feminine,


Rachel Claire

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