Easy Steps You Can Take to Open Up Your Psychic Abilities

2015-04-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-owl-bird-nature-head-photostockeditorWhen I give a reading, I still feel nervous. Actually, like with most things I’m really good at, I get nervous, resist, and think I want to quit right before its go time.

Then, I have the reading and it goes well and I’m inspired and lit up. Even I still get wowed by what I do.

Growing up, I thought if I was psychic, or had some special talent, I would know it. It would be glaringly obvious. (You know, because I’d see walking dead people.) Now I know, it’s not like that. 

I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but I’m not special. There’s nothing different about me. You and me? We’re probably more alike than different.

The only reason I’m a psychic counsellor and you’re not, (if you don’t think you are) is because I’m willing to be psychic.

The reason I picked the name psychic is because it gets such a bad rap. It seems to me like it’s good to be intuitive, but psychic? That means you’re a wacko fortune teller.

It conjures up pictures of caravan wielding gypsies. Me? I’m pretty normal. I have normal friends, family, hobbies. I doubt myself, screw up, ignore my instincts and get into hairy situations.

The only difference is, I’m willing to put myself out there as a psychic. I’m willing to own it.

I believe we’re infinite, spiritual beings, here on purpose, powerful beyond measure. That means we have knowingness, we have spidey senses, great instincts, and ways of reading energy far beyond what’s considered normal by the status quo.

If you want to be psychic, but you think you aren’t, the first step is owning, that actually, you are. 

Psychic means, of the soul. That’s from ancient Greece or some such place. You see, being psychic, the feminine, intuitive, powerful arts- they’ve been around a long time.

That’s not because some rare birds come along every now and then, but rather, I think it’s because every culture, every civilization, has names for wise people, seers, or people they go to for counsel, because, it’s part of life- It’s who and what we are, if we’re willing to own it, cultivate it, and grow it.

Just like the Oracle says in The Matrix, it’s right as rain.

Being psychic, it’s normal. You just have to own that you already are.

Then, if you’re like me, you put yourself out there and take a risk.

I think the problem is that we often think that if we were really psychic, we’d always know, it would always be clear and we’d never have doubt.

That’s just not true. We all have a mind, and its job is to second guess, rationalize, and produce doubt.

Following our intuition is a game of trust. It’s being willing to own that we have a guidance system, then being willing to notice the signs or signals, to ask for them, see them, and interpret them, in the special way we receive them most, or best, and then, we have to be willing to act on said instincts.

Spirit speaks in the language of symbols. Archetypes. Believe that the world is always unfolding for your betterment, for your guidance, and it will. Learn to interpret the signs.

If we fail, so what? We learn.

When I read people, I get nervous. I’m not always perfect. I don’t always do everything right, but, I’m willing to own my power, fully and completely (of course, it’s a life-long process of unfolding). Can you imagine the first time a reader gives a reading? How nerve racking is that!?

It takes cajones, risk, willingness to fail, to tread the razors edge of our comfort zone, and show up as what we know we could be.

What would you do today if you could not fail? What would you risk being, if you knew that it would work?

I’m willing to put myself out there and risk sharing my knowing, my instincts and my wisdom with others.

If it’s spot on and resonates and makes a difference, great. If not, se la vi.

We think we have to be perfect before we put ourselves out there. We think intuition, if we really have it, will be perfectly clear and solid. Not in the beginning. 

Life’s just not like that. The only difference between you and I, is that I’m willing to own that I’m psychic and I’m willing to put myself out there and risk being a fool.

If you want to be psychic too, just own it. Then, put yourself out there. Share your instincts, follow your gut, and take risks. If you mess up, it really doesn’t matter.

More than likely, you’ll realize you’re far more aware than you’ve given yourself credit for. You’ll realize your amazing super powers and you’ll open up to abilities beyond what you may be willing to own now.

I’m excited just thinking about it. What’s really possible if we own our greatness?

It reminds me of Marianne Williamson’s poem.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Really get that. Let that sink in. You’re not afraid of the dark. You’re afraid of the light. You’re afraid to see and know and embody who and what you really are.

Your abilities? They darn well freak you out.

That’s why we play small. It’s risky to own who we are. To believe in the power of light and faith. To rock our world by showing up playing huge and calling ourselves a psychic. Or a healer. Or a spiritual teacher. Or a Jedi-Warrior-Light being. I get it.

Ya know what? It’s the truth. Let’s just face it. You’re a bad-ass and you just KNOW things. There, I said it. 

Rock on with yo bad self. And don’t forget to have fun, too!


All my love,

Rachel Claire

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