How to Manifest What You Desire in 3 Steps

When I entered high school, I saw all the cheerleaders in their cute little skirts wandering the hallways. During games and assemblies, I saw them dancing and doing stunts. I was enamored. This was seriously my cup of tea.

I’ve always loved dancing and performing. Add a cute little out-fit in my favorite color (green) and I’m on cloud nine.

To make the team, I turned my mom’s basement storage room into my dance studio. I set up a mirror, got out my boombox and I danced and danced and did routines and practiced cheers.

Every day, I was down there, envisioning myself in that outfit, dancing at the games, doing well at try-outs, making the team. If you’re a bystander, you can bet on those games on sites such as 온라인 카지노.

The next year I decided I wanted to be homecoming royalty for my class. Why not? I was friendly, and I knew lots of people in different crowds and I had a sense, even then, that life was a game + if I was on the court, setting intentions + playing full out, I could have it go my way.

I set my mind to it. I decided that I would set the intention that I’d manifest being crowned homecoming royalty in front of my whole school, in my cute little cheerleading outfit, during half-time of the football game.

My senior year, I decided I wanted to be the television news anchor for our school’s television network. I’d get to read the news off the teleprompter and be in every classroom, everyday, in front of everyone, doing something I was good at. I imagined it. Envisioned it. Felt what it would feel like.

I made the squad. I was homecoming royalty that year. I was the news anchor for BCTN (Bear Creek Television Network.)

These examples are from when I was younger, and the list goes on. I’ve manifested large sums of money, cars, finding a beautiful home, getting the job I want, and starting a business. I’ve learned that when I set my mind to it, I can have it.

Here are the steps to manifesting:

1. Believe. When your belief system locks on, then, you can manifest. Until you believe it’s possible, you will not achieve. It’s the law of attraction, which states that like vibration will attract like vibration. If you’re vibrating at: “I can’t have it” then you’ll attract evidence of that. BELIEVE.

If you have a hard time believing it’s possible then begin to see yourself having what you desire. That brings us to number 2.

2. Imagine it. See it in your minds eye. Visualize it. When we see it, we can create it into being. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality + not reality. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Furthermore, the 6th chakra, or ajna chakra, also known as the third eye, is where you have psychic sight + vision. It’s your spiritual command center. If you bring your awareness to your 3td eye and visualize what you desire, that’s how you create it.

3. Feel what it will feel like. When we want something, generally what we really want is the way we think we’ll feel when we have said thing. Sit in meditation and feel how you’ll feel having that money, or that relationship, or that ideal career. Feel it in your heart, let the emotions overwhelm you. See it in your third eye.

What you believe, what you see, what you think, these things attract to you, like a magnet, matching energies.

If you want something, read about the Law of Attraction. Work on your belief systems. Let go of outdated thoughts that say you can’t have it, or it won’t work. That’s based on the past. Your future has nothing to do with your past, unless you let it.

Manifesting, or actualizing, your desires into reality is possible. It’s a real thing. I firmly believe that we are the creators of our lives, and we can vision our lives into being what we desire. Try it out + see. Let me know how it goes.

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All my love,


Rachel Claire

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