Excuses I Made that Kept Me from Being an Entrepreneur

dreamstime_s_9781689I started my business in 2012. The whole time, I’ve been working with children as an educator in schools.

My honey would always tell me: “I hate part-timers.”

This made me so mad. He said that the only people he knew who failed at being an entrepreneur were the people who did it part time. He claimed that every person he knew who went for it, like fully went for it full-time, made it.

That just always pissed me off. Probably because it’s true.

Then, I did it. I made the jump. Fully. Without a net, without a back-up plan, without money saved in the bank. No cash cow to lean on here, no savings account, nothing. I just jumped.

Why? I say it’s a side effect of being pregnant. I think I could put up with my mediocre life, but my baby? Uh-uh. Not havin’ it.

Suddenly, the stress of work and parents and kids that weren’t mine, didn’t seem like a good way to go anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed a beautiful, rich career as an educator. Over ten years I devoted to kids and growth and pursuing education.

Now, it’s time for my bigger dreams, for fully owning my path + purpose and believing that I’ve got what it takes to thrive. Check out this amazing book, Choose Yourself on why working for someone else just isn’t gonna cut it.

Now that I’m gonna be a mama, my health, my stress level, my well-being, my freedom- this all matters most.

I’m not going to have a baby and go back to work. No way. I’m not even willing to grow a child inside of me in an environment that doesn’t feel fully healthy and supportive.

So, I left my job.

Here are the excuses I made about why I couldn’t:

  1. Regular paycheck. Well, turns out, I’ve already out made what the school was paying me. A funny thing happened when all my energy was freed up to focus on me, my business organically increased right away. Like magic!
  2. Health Care. Within  a few days of leaving, I got new health care that’s even better than my old plan. Easy as pie.
  3. Structure. I totally thought that I thrived under pressure and structure. Maybe I did and I’ve grown. Now, I’m thriving with being fully in control of my schedule.


I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t leave right away. I built up my business slowly, over time, before taking this plunge, so I’m not saying you should just up and quit with no business built up under your belt.

And, I’ll also admit that I often guide people to allow themselves to have a job, if for no other reason then to give our nervous systems a chance to feel calm while we build our dream.

Yet, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that there’s magic in going for it full-time. There’s a hustle and a freedom and a lightness that leads to expansiveness and joy! At least that’s what I’m having over here.

Not being a full-timer is a choice, and it’s totally up to you.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then at some point you’ll have to take the leap. You can take it now, or later, but you’ll have to take it. I’m sayin’ it just may be better than you thought.

In the end, I think it’s like having a baby. You’re never ready. You just jump in and live your best, day by day. And it just may be the most thrilling adventure of your life!

This journey’s only just begun for me, and I’m not about to tell you that I know how it ends. What I do know is that I never knew I’d be so happy, feel so alive and so free from jumping in FULL-time.

I have bills and a mortgage and a baby on the way. I’m not a trust-fund kid, or from a wealthy family. I’m pretty average, perhaps just like you, and I know it’s possible.

I believe that we are our best bet. If you’re willing to bet fully on you, if you’re aligned, heart and soul, the universe will open doors. Bank on that.

How does it get better than that!?

If you’d like to look at what’s energetically in the way of having you have what you *really* desire, I’d love to work with you! We’ll bust those outdated pictures and update your energy to what’s authentically calling you now! Ready to release limitation? Click here to work with me and before read more on this topic, so we can start talking in one direction.

All my love,


Rachel Claire


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