Why It’s Not Just All About Pleasure and How You Can Heal from Past Pain

ID-100115467Are you obsessed with sex or pleasure seeking?

Pleasure is great. We all seek it, or have, in varying degrees. I’m not saying don’t enjoy the things you enjoy.

I am saying that if you’re stuck on constantly seeking pleasure through the tongue, mouth, or genital organs, then you are likely stuck at a 2nd chakra level.

The second chakra sits behind + below the navel. It is orange in color and it’s the seat of your self. It is where your sense of power in relationship comes from- relationship to self and others.

Desires rule this chakra, especially desires based on relationships, sexuality and procreation.

If you are overly concerned with sexuality and receiving desire in that way, via relationships, then there are likely knots or blocks bound up in your second chakra.

When you clear these blocks and balance your chakras, your kundalini energy can more freely flow to higher levels of your chakras, leading to higher levels of consciousness and more awareness.

Wounds from past relationships are also stored in this chakra, and often unresolved issues from sexual and physical abuse manifest in uncontrollable desires for food, sex, or sleep.

If you are overly obsessed with sex, food or sleep, or if you fantasize all the time, or you’re consuming a lot of movies, tv or books where characters are princes, lords, heroes, kings, or queens, or you fantasize about yourself as being one of these archetypes, you’re likely stuck in the second chakra.

One great way to balance and heal your second is to meditate on the sacral chakra. See it filled with orange and spinning brightly. Hold your attention on this area while you chant the sound, “vang.”

You can also take a kundalini yoga class, practice pranayama breathing techniques, or read more books on the chakras.

To start healing today, get your free toolbox. Do the guided meditation included inside and begin to consciously run your energy through your channels. This can lead to healing, awakening and running kundalini, and balancing all your chakras.

It’s great to tap into your desires and enjoy the finer things in life. Revel in what your animal body loves. However, if you’re stuck, obsessed, or you’d like to grow to higher levels of awareness and focus on other, internal ways of receiving HUGE amounts of pleasure, then, remember, there are other energy centers with powers all their own.

If you’d like more support with healing past pain, get a clairvoyant reading. I’d love to connect with you.

To your growth, expansion + joy!

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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