You Can’t Control Your Life, So Let it Go


Do you ever just wish you could know when your life would be all worked out? Do you wish you could see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that in two months time, this issue, or that issue, will be resolved?

You’re not alone. A theme I see with clients as of late is this: people want to know when something is going to happen. They want to know what they can do to make something happen. Now. 

It’s good to have desire. It’s great to have vision. I’m a proponent of imagining the life you want to live and feeling it, seeing it here, now.

However, there’s an important message for you to know. You can’t control life. Life will happen, you have a destiny, a plan, a path for your life. And it’s not gonna happen on the mind’s timing.

Furthermore, you have the power of choice. You can choose at any moment to make a change that alters your life. I’ve been to some damn good psychics who gave me great guidance and told me future stuff that didn’t pan out.

I’m not interested in telling you your future. Do you really want to know? Do you think it’s set in stone? Not at all. You have magic in you that can draw to you infinite possibilities and you get to choose, every day. Each choice opens up a new path. I’d never pigeon hole you, beauty, you’re too grand for that.

There is a light in you (that is you) a consciousness, a will, and an energy, that will move you toward the fulfillment of your desires. As A Course in Miracles says, the universe is self-correcting. Your miracles are held in trust. You can’t go wrong.

When we get stuck, and feel depressed or anxious about our life, it’s because we’re either stuck in the past, thinking that since it hasn’t happend yet, it won’t, or, we’re in the future, having anxiety about what will come.

Neither of these places feel very good. The key is to be present, here, now, in your life, relishing in the divinity that you are. You’re lucky. You’re blessed.

You have a home, a warm bed, food, money, you probably have family, great friends, a computer, internet, and other awesome things starving children only dream of.

It’s time to get vigilant about celebrating your life and your fortune. If you don’t feel it, then fake it till you make it. You’re not in control.

As much as your ego or mind would like to believe you are, you aren’t. Your best bet is to surrender, let go, and let the river carry you.

If you want to feel in control, then sit down on a meditation cushion and see your divine life, imagine it, feel it, love it, know it, claim it, pull it toward you and act as if it is already.

If you do that, you’re half way there. What we want are the feelings we think we’ll feel when we have the partner, house, car, career or money we desire. So feel those feelings now, that’s how magic you are.

The more you sit in that vibration, the more you make it real, the more you increase the likelihood that it will actualize in your reality.

The unconscious doesn’t know the difference between real or imagination. This is awesome! That means you can trick your mind into thinking this is your reality now, and the universe says, okay, as you wish, and it shows up.

This is how energy and vibration work. The universe is a magical playground and spirit (you) the energy you are, the source that created you, desires for you to be fulfilled. So, get out of the way and let God, or energy bring you your desires.

What’s in the way are the unconscious patterns at play. To release those patterns, you have to make them conscious.

Find peace in nature, in stillness, in inspiring books and in being creative. Hire coaches, do journal work, excavate your wounds.

Give yourself access to your inner wisdom by meditating, and for goodness’ sake, exercise your delicious body!

You aren’t in control, my love, and that’s a good thing!

If you’d like access to the unconscious parts of you that are running the show and sabotaging your efforts, get a reading. I’d love to work with you.

Until then, rest in knowing that life will carry you, there’s a power greater than you at play. Have faith, let go and let Goddess.


Rachel Claire

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