My Interview with Fellow Psychic Shoshanna French Stokes, Intuition for the Real World

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I just love interviewing people! It’s so fun to get in to someone else’s world and learn about their story, their journey and to hear their wisdom.

Shoshanna, creator of Simple Spirit- Intuition for the Real World, was especially a joy to interview. It’s so fun to talk to other psychics and people who use the tools of Access Consciousness.

This video is a whopping 45 minutes or so, I know, I know, it’s long. I wanted to follow the energy + just enjoy having a conversation with an old friend, so I didn’t limit our time.

I hope you’ll dive on in anyway and give it a listen.

Shoshanna offer tips for how to know your own psychic abilities and how to create your own healing business. This light, fun + juicy interview is not to be missed!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What is a psychic?
  • How to know what your psychic gifts are + figure out your “psychic orientation.”
  • How to use your psychic gifts in the real world
  • The difference between intuition + being psychic
  • Sho’s top 3 tips for how you can get started with your own business

Click play and jump in!

Shoshanna created an awesome test to find out your psychic orientation, to get her test, click here.  

I took the test and I loved it, my results show that I am heart-centered, and lead with my heart. My mind/body external orientation follow behind, but were exactly equal!

I also know, feel, and see equally, which I would say rings true for me in my practice. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizent and use them all regularly and equally. As far as hearing, clairaudience, that sense is a bit less, I don’t hear guidance as often.

Thanks so much for watching, I’d love to hear from you. What did you get from this video? Share your take-aways, let’s have a conversation. Or, report back and tell us your results of your test.


Rachel Claire

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