How the Feminine Energy Creates and Why “Effort” Doesn’t Always Work


When I was a school teacher, sometimes during my lunch break I’d close the door, turn out the lights, and lie down on the pillows with silk pillowcases.

I was always afraid someone would come looking for me and find me, “not working.”

It was worse if I invited my students into meditation. There they’d be, lying on the floor, and I’d pray that no one entered my classroom.

The point is that the way the feminine part of us creates, is by finding stillness, pulling our energy inward, going into the silence.

The masculine creates by taking action, going out into the physical world and staking a claim. The feminine energy creates by receiving, by being connected deeply within.

We need both to feel balanced and whole.

For example, let’s look at pregnancy. Being pregnant is a very feminine thing to be. To an outsider, it may look like the feminine is “doing” nothing. Internally, the feminine is creating a new life.

It’s the same in the world for anything. Though I may look to be doing nothing, or if my co-workers or supervisors had “caught me doing nothing” it may look bad to them. In reality, I’m regenerating, resting, meditating, or perhaps healing my space and that of my classroom.

Though I’m completely still, I’d argue that I’m actually doing a lot more than one who may “look busy.”

I think this is the trend of other countries, like Sweden, who are cutting back work hours. We find the same in studies that report that starting later contributes greatly to producing well, for workers or students, alike.

It’s a very masculine world out there. Most work places are old models, based on a masculine way of creating.

The new trend is to realize that self-nurturing and care, rest, sleep, meditation and all these similar activities, that seem like not doing, actually end up creating a lot.

So, I invite you into honoring more of your feminine nature. What would it look like for you to pull your energy back in? What would it look like for you to create space of non-doing?

You can try it in small ways by doing the following:

  • Sit at a stop light without reaching for your phone. Just breathe, do nothing, be.
  • Listen to silence in your car.
  • Meditate every day.
  • Be still, present, for moments of the day doing nothing.
  • Visualize your desired outcomes. Feel the feelings.
  • Imagine pulling all of your energy back into you.
  • Fill up by being in nature, and sitting up against a tree, or watching a creek or river flow.

What would be possible if you spent time sitting, imagining and visualizing your goals + desires, instead of feeling like creating looks like running around efforting?

The truth is, that we can create much better when we create from a space that is grounded, centered and filled with our own energy. It’s a myth that we have to be busy, or effort, to chase dreams.

Who we’re being, and the space from which we are creating- that is to say- our vibration, determines what we create. Therefore, it’s possible that our energy state- our sense of connection to self, is the most important factor in our creating than anything else.

Let’s use the example of being pregnant again (since I am!) If I’m not connected to myself, I’m likely going to create a baby from a space of not being healthy, not eating well,  having no spiritual connection to my baby or self, and contributing all those feelings and emotions to my baby in utero.

If I’m connected to self, then I’m creating consciously, from love, care, nurturing and a spiritual connection to self and babe. Which do you think would create the most?

None of what we do is right or wrong, good or bad. It just is. However, we have the power to use our awareness to create that which feels juicy, light and generative. To do that, we have to tap in to our own energy, space and consciousness, to know where it is that we’re creating from.

A great mantra to post on your mirror, or in your car, is from Access Consciousness:

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!

Don’t think that to change your life you have to effort. Be. Do. Have. That’s the order. Don’t Do and then think you’ll change your state of being. Being originates within. So connect to your deep, rich, feminine heart and let it emanate from there.

Happy creating!

All my love,

Rachel Claire

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  1. This is beautiful. Ive been learning how to connect to my feminine energy because I’ve been having bizarre dreams directing me to explore this part of myself. Thank you for this piece

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