What Brandi Mackenzie Wants You to Know about Healing and Changing Your Life

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I’m so happy to introduce to you my friend + colleague, Brandi Mackenzie. She’s a transformational nutrition coach who assists people in healing through food and can really help you to change your life!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • What specific foods may be impacting your clarity + healing
  • How to not feel so sluggish
  • What juicy book + teacher Brandi’s reading+ studying with to better connect with her soul (you’ll have to watch until the end for that gem!)
  • The one activity that could help you feel grounded and healthy
  • What may be inhibiting your connection to your inner world
  • The transformational programs that Brandi offers to support you in your healing + empowerment
  • How important food is in your spiritual development
  • How to know when you’re really a YES!
  • Brandi’s advice for being an entrepreneur
  • Find out what the soul, or Divine is, for Brandi, and how she lives a Divinely guided life


Please dive in + click play!

Click to visit Brandi’s website: brandimackenzie.com and be sure to follow her instagram feed for quick, simple tips for eating well on the go!

Here’s to your empowerment, knowledge, connection to self and planet and making choices that work for you!

I hope to hear from you, please leave a comment after you watch the video and let us know what you learned, or what really resonated for you, we’d love to have your feedback!

Thanks for being here, all my love!


Rachel Claire

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