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I’m 5 months into my pregnancy. I want to share with you my favorite products and books so far! I hope that if you are pregnant (view more for advice), or know someone who is, that this list will contribute to you. If you get value, like it, share it, leave a comment.

Leacho Co. maternity pillow

This pillow isn’t cheap. And, it’s worth it. Once I hit the five month mark, my belly felt big for my short frame. I was waking with my side ribs aching. This pillow helps with that, as it supports head, belly, and hips. No more tossing from side to side waking up with that pillow between your legs, or on the floor.

Calm mama CD

I love this CD. It’s totally calming! Around 23-24 weeks the baby can begin to hear sounds. I’ve also heard that whatever mama listens to while baby is in utero, baby will prefer. Good ol’ classical Motzart can’t be bad, eh?

Pregnancy + Childbirth Meditations

These meditations made me cry the first time I listened to them. I love ’em! Her voice is great, the visualization is powerful, and it will give you confidence that all is well.

I got the advice to get these from Christiane Northrup’s great book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. That one’s a must read as well.

Prenatal vitamins

I really like Rainbow Light’s Prenatal One. It’s a food-based multivitamin, which will help you to actually metabolize and receive the nutrition. (So many vitamins don’t actually get absorbed.) I spoke with the folks in whole body at Whole Foods, and this one was highly recommended. In addition to this, I also take fish oil and a probiotic.

A Pea in the Pod

Really like the clothes here. I’ve been so impressed with maternity clothes! They’re cute!

Motherhood Maternity

This brand is sold by Macy’s, so it’s accessible and affordable. Their shirts are cute- they are tight fitting and bunch around the sides, so your baby bump is nicely featured- these shirts are actually flattering!


Spiritual Pregnancy

This book has great meditations to connect you with baby and really highlights this as a journey- a threshold we’re crossing into motherhood and treats it with the magical mystery energy it deserves!

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

This book comes highly recommended by many people. Her advice is grounded + very helpful! I think it’s a must-read!

Baby Bargains

Oprah featured this book. Deciding on baby stuff can be overwhelming. This book helps you choose wisely, offering advice on what’s really necessary to buy, and what’s not. It helps you find great deals, too. I’ve decided, as I start out with my first babe, less is more!

Cherish the First 6 Weeks

In choosing whether or not to buy a crib, or co-sleep, I found this book super helpful. I hear a lot of parents struggle with getting their baby to sleep. I know I can’t really say until I walk that path myself, but this author is a consultant to the stars and this book is super helpful in knowing some routines to follow if I need to get baby on a proper schedule.


I’d love to hear from you. If you have great pregnancy or baby products to share that you love, please leave a comment below! I’d love to have your input! It’s a jungle out there!


As always, thanks for being here, much love!


Rachel Claire

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