How We Inherit Scarcity Messages and How to Let Go of that Outdated Energy


The other day I left a couple of bags of clothes to donate in my mom’s garage. I’ve been going through the Kon Mari clutter clearing method lately and I’m also a long-time clearer.

Now that my belly is getting bigger (due to pregnancy), I realized that I had left a cover-up type dress in there that might suit me well as I lounge around the house. I called my mom and left a message asking her to please remove that item from the bag.

As I was enjoying an afternoon of solo work time in my office, I realized I’d left my phone on airplane mode for the last two hours, and perhaps I should check in to see if anyone contacted me. Oh, how I love airplane mode!

Once my phone was on, I received a message from my mom. Her response to my request was this:

I told you that Arc was picking up the bags last Friday. Let this be a lesson to you. Don’t get rid of things. Or hang on to them until you know for sure you don’t want them. 

I got off my voicemail and went back to work.

Then, I noticed a nagging feeling. I stopped, took a deep breath, and checked in with myself. What was bothering me?

Oh yeah. That call from my mom.

Bless her heart. She probably won’t read this so don’t worry. (If your’e reading this mom- I love you!)

My mom got this message somewhere (her family who survived the depression) and she passed similar thoughts to me.

Hoard. Don’t risk letting go, or clearing space, unless and until you’re 100% SURE.

The fact is, upon hearing that that item was gone, I was over it. I let it go. Adios- may it bless a new owner.

I believe in trusting that we will be cared for. I believe in letting things go. I believe in the power of changing our homes and furniture and spaces, to create transformation and healing in our lives.

I think if we pick things up, move them around, dust them, clean them, and let go of things we don’t absolutely LOVE, that we create a new energy. We open ourselves up to finding new treasures that serve us better.

We all inherited scarcity messages. Science says it seems it may be in our DNA. (Click here for a great article about this.) That the brain patterns and fears of our ancestors embed into their biology, their cells, and transfer to us.

We inherit messages from our DNA, and from the conversations happening in the families to which we were born.

Furthermore, we inherit conversations from the people we hang out with, and the media we consume. This culture and our families of the past, definitely went through some hard times. The Great Depression. The Dust Bowl. Famine. War.

Yet, we must actively re-program our brains to think in terms of abundance and being provided for. It’s the truth.

So, after identifying that my mood had shifted due to my mom’s message, I turned my phone back on to airplane mode. Then, I said, “Return to sender with consciousness.” Wherever that energy came from, I’m returning it, it’s not mine.

Who does that belong to? This is a great question to ask when something’s bothering us.  Me? My mom? Grandpa??

I’m secure and safe in this life, here and now. I don’t need to cling to material things. I’ll be okay. Hoarding, or hanging on to everything, only creates a suffocating environment and will continue the cycle of passing on the beliefs to my child that we must hoard, or die.

Let us let go. Re-train our brains by thinking new thoughts. Meditate to connect to our inner truth + source. Let go and trust and finally, Return to sender with consciousness any energy that’s not ours.

A few days later, I found that dress I wanted in a bag in my car. Turns out, I had taken it out of the donation bag at the last minute. The lesson is this: Many of us hoard because we’re afraid if we let go, we’ll regret it, we’ll wish we had it.

What if it’s true that we can side with ourselves, trust ourselves, and follow our instincts?

I say that we’re letting go of the right things, and if there’s truly something that we should keep- we’ll likely intuitively know that- and take action in time. If not, se la vi, wasn’t meant to be.

To further let go of outdated and stuck energy, and to fill up on your own vital energy, please do my guided meditation.  Click here. You’ll also receive bonus gifts, too!

Now, it’s your turn. What action could you take today to change the energy of your home? Could you clean out your car? Could you move things around? Is it time to dust or to let those things you no longer love, go?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re ready to take on, I’d love to hear from you!

And, if you got value from this, please share it. Thank you!

All my love,


Rachel Claire


  1. There is a dress I “lost” from a garage sale long past…I will try to figure out how to grieve it and move on. I’m almost in tears thinking about it. Hum.

    1. Hi Shawna, thank you for commenting and sharing that. Have you read the Kon Mari book, the life-changing magic of tidying up? She shares great insights about that we received the joy we needed from buying or receiving that item and that it served its purpose in its time. I also love the book Clear your clutter with Feng-shui- it’s really uplifting and helpful. I know it can seem hard, and so I repeat the mantra, bless, love and release and focus on what you do have! 🙂 Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by.

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